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Colgate Smiles campaign – using Social Media to measure brand commitment

Julie Kalbfleisch   March 5, 2012

Company Name – Colgate Web Reference – Colgate in partnership with VML created the Colgate Smiles campaign in an effort to determine the connection the public made between a bright and beautiful smile and the Colgate brand. Through Brand Monitoring, points of connection to the Colgate Smiles campaign were revealed and this allowed Colgate to refocus their overall brand… Read more »

Kraft uses “social listening” as a way to determine if they should enter the burger business

Julie Kalbfleisch   February 17, 2012

Organization Name: Kraft Foods; Nielson Web references: When Kraft started looking at the burger industry as a potential market they turned to market research powerhouse Nielson for help with engaging with their audience via “social listening” In the process they not only learned about product trends and emerging flavours but also about the life-style persona of an at-home… Read more »