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The Future of Health Care & Social Media

jreed   March 26, 2013

Most of us have adopted Facebook or Twitter into our lives, but what other facets of social media will blossom in the future? Many experts and bloggers are pointing to major advances in social health care applications and platforms. So, what kinds of things are we talking about? Barbara Pantuso, Director of Healthcare Innovation, frog design shares several ideas. For… Read more »

Measure Twice, Cut Once

jreed   March 14, 2013

The saying measure twice, cut once applies not only to construction, but to the world of social media too. In other words, do your measurements and analysis and you will have success. According to Jeff Nolan, in its most pure form social media monitoring is both listening and responding to social channels.  Hasbro recently tapped into this fact with its… Read more »

Do Us a Flavour and Win $50,000

jreed   February 27, 2013

What do you get when you cross Canadians with potato chips and add money? Lay’s is banking on it creating the next great chip flavour. The Lay’s® Canada Do Us A Flavour™ Contest premise is that consumers submit a new flavour of potato chip with up to 3 ingredients, what inspired the combination and the name of their inspired flavour…. Read more »

High Profile Employees Up the Social Engagement Ante

jreed   February 14, 2013

High profile celebrity endorsers are nothing new- we all recognize the Snapple Lady and Jared from Subway. With the advent of social media, celebrity reach can push products even further in the minds of consumers. And this is what many major companies are betting on. Just ask Beyoncé or Their employment is seen a lucrative for both parties. According… Read more »