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Social Media And My (Not So Distant) Future Classroom

John Andrade   November 21, 2013

I always thought of myself as a sort of pioneer in incorporating new technologies in my classroom.  Early on, in my teaching career at USFQ, I introduced the use of computer-based simulation games in my marketing courses.  I also perceived, and incorporated, the benefits of using Learning Management Systems (LMS) to enhance the teaching and learning experiences in my face-to-face… Read more »

What Makes a Video Go Viral?

John Andrade   November 20, 2013

With so much money spent in communication, organizations are looking for ways to make their investment pay off.  Lean advertising is an appealing concept but achieving it is easier said than done.  Do-it-yourself online videos could cost less to produce but only 3% of YouTube videos are watched more than 25,000 times.  Hence, how could a company replicate a success story… Read more »

Does Your Business Track The Right Social Media Metrics?

John Andrade   November 13, 2013

A prerequisite for managing social media is their effective measurement.  A sensible collection of key performance metrics linking marketing input via metrics to outcomes is the tool of choice — but what should organizations take into account when designing their dashboard metrics for social media? Luke Chitwood in his article 5 Social Media Metrics That Your Business Should Be Tracking… Read more »

Can Social Media Help Reduce the High Failure Rate in New Product Introductions?

John Andrade   October 23, 2013

“Product failure rate for established big companies is more than 65 per cent, but for the start-up companies’ failure rate is even higher at 90 per cent.”  And this scenario has not improved in the last 30 years, according to Robert Adams, Jr. What is needed for Social Media to be meaningfully helpful in this product innovation and launch scenario? … Read more »

What Does it Take for Your Social Business to Succeed?

John Andrade   October 16, 2013

Jeff Matt, owner of Victory Auto Service and Glass, located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, developed a thriving Facebook page with over 60% female fans, by developing personal relationships and trust, thinking like a customer, being friendly, and promoting the community.  In three years he opened three new locations.  How can other companies, big or small, replicate his Social Business success?… Read more »

How to use Social Media to Support Employee Engagement Strategies

John Andrade   October 12, 2013

Mary Knight, in her article Three Strategies for Making Employee Engagement Stick, states “managers who define what their engagement goals look like, integrate engagement activities into one-on-one discussions, and empower team members to lead engagement sessions often have higher levels of engagement among their team members.” Then she asserts that managers perceive major improvements when using these strategies to implement… Read more »