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Marathons’ Sponsorship and Social Conversations

Jessica   November 6, 2015

Industry: Running, Marathon, Sponsorship Web References:,,; I have been running for a couple of years now and I ran my first half-marathon in last September. What an amazing experience! But one of the things that have surprised me is the presence of social media as an important part of the success of those events. Running has become very… Read more »

Technology Disrupting Financial Services Distribution Channels

Jessica   October 28, 2015

Industry: Financial Services Web references:,,,, The financial industry has always been more conservative than a lot of other industries, like fashion as an example. It is without any surprise that banks and most financial services companies have been late to adopt social media. However, the new generation of customers have forced the industry to get… Read more »

I wish I could be a man and be part of the Frank & Oak Community

Jessica   October 9, 2015

Organisation Name: Frank & Oak Industry: Online retail Web references:,,, Have you already heard about Frank & Oak? If not, the only possible reason is that you are not a man between 20 and 35. This Montreal-based menswear brand is one of Canada’s fastest growing retailers and one of the most successful and innovative brands over… Read more »

Social culture for engaged millennials employees

Jessica   October 6, 2015

Engaging employees has been a concern for many organizations in recent years and with a new generation of employees in the workplace, the challenge has evolved quite a bit. Many researches have established connections between employee engagement and business performance, whether it’s for attracting and retaining talent, greater productivity, profitability or reputation. Gallup found that organizations scoring in the top… Read more »