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Managing Family “Tyze”: Connecting Families and Caregivers with Social Media

jaimieshort   November 21, 2013

The health care system can be difficult to navigate. It can becomes even more complicated if you or a loved one are dealing with a chronic disease or illness. It may mean that your life is filled with a never-ending barrage of appointments with different health care providers throughout different cities. You may have to connect with multiple agencies, family… Read more »

A Surprise a Traveller Won’t Mind! KLM Surprise Campaign is Positively Received

jaimieshort   November 13, 2013

Have you ever sat around the airport, waiting for a flight and passing the time on your social media accounts? What if connecting on your social media accounts at the airport could be a pay-off? What if a flight attendant from your airline had been following you on social media and found you in the airport with a small gift… Read more »

Adobe Social is a Game Changer: How the NFL Manages its Social Media Metrics

jaimieshort   November 6, 2013

Are you ready for some football? You may not even need to turn on the TV; the NFL has you covered on Twitter and Facebook along with your respective 4.5 million and 7.1 million friends. For many companies, their social media is driven by a team of brand experts but the NFL relies on a one-man show to get the job… Read more »

Minted: Making a Mint Off Crowdsourced Design

jaimieshort   October 23, 2013

  Crowdsourcing has become a popular way to develop new products but many companies such as Frito-Lay use widespread campaigns to develop one new product. However, Minted uses crowdsourcing on a regular basis to keep their product line fresh and up-to-date. Minted was founded in 2008 by co-founders Mariam Naficy and Melissa Kim. To date, Minted generates more than $10 million in… Read more »

Who Needs The Runway? Nordstrom’s Customers Decide What Fashion Trends Are Taking Off

jaimieshort   October 16, 2013

How do you view Pinterest? The everyday user may see it as a tool where they can post the hottest fashion trends, pin items that they’d consider for purchase or share their favourite things, people and places. However, Nordstrom’s social media manager, Bryan Galipeau sees Pinterest as a great opportunity; he believes that Pinterest is “the world’s biggest wish-list.” A… Read more »

Empowering Employees with Social Media Intel-ligently

jaimieshort   October 9, 2013

Organization Name: Intel Industry: Computer Hardware Intel’s social media presence spans many different platforms. It is extremely well-connected on Facebook and Twitter with strong followings in each outlet. Furthermore, various wikis and blogs are directed its various products and internal communication for Intel employees. However, Intel has recognized that social media is changing the way that it needs to interact… Read more »