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The Future of Social Media within York Region Early Intervention Services

Jen Norris   November 17, 2014

Organization: York Region Early Intervention Industry: Government For many couples, the words “congratulations, you’re pregnant” are amazing words to hear. The first thing you hope for is to have a healthy happy baby. I am the proud mother of two children. My youngest son was a happy but very quiet baby. As I took him to his Doctors appointments, I… Read more »

St. Andrew’s College Brings Tradition into the Future with Social Media Marketing

Jen Norris   November 10, 2014

Organization: St. Andrew’s College Industry: Education Contact: Nicolette Fleming, Communications Officer   What’s trending in Aurora; the new St. Andrew’s College La Brier Arena. I have a son who lives for Hockey and he is in awe thinking about a school that has its own hockey arena. It’s not just a hockey arena, it’s a $13 Million state of the… Read more »

Town of Aurora is Mapping its Success with Social Media Metrics

Jen Norris   November 3, 2014

Organization: Town of Aurora Industry: Municipality Contact: Mike Kemp, Manager of Corporate Communications   I have lived in a lot of places over the years but I wouldn’t call any particular place “Home”. Four years ago, we moved to Aurora. Despite Aurora’s growth it still has that small town feel. My first trip to the grocery store, the cashier asked… Read more »

Innovative Ways Social Media has “Shipped” Supply Chain Management to the Success of FedEx

Jen Norris   October 27, 2014

Organization: FedEx Industry: Logistics Contact: Fred Smith, CEO   Like most Canadians my husband and I work full time and have two kids; a stop off at the mall in between hockey practices, swimming lessons and everything else that needs to be done a weekend is a bit daunting. I love the idea of shopping at my convenience and then… Read more »

Loblaws is Listening to Canadians

Jen Norris   October 20, 2014

Organization: Loblaws Industry: Retail Loblaws is Developing Products that Consumers are Talking About When I was a kid we sat down at the dinner table for Thanksgiving, said grace and ate. After dinner we sat around chatting and played a game of cards. Things sure have changed. In the age of social media, we sit down to a Thanksgiving meal… Read more »

Ice Bucket Challenge Takes Customer Engagement to a Whole New Level

Jen Norris   October 14, 2014

Organization: ALS Association Industry: Not-for-Profit, Association Every day we take for granted the ability to feed or dress ourselves as well as being able to speak. I knew very little about ALS until my mother-in-law’s health started declining at a rapid rate. For a year, our family went from Doctor to Doctor and it was becoming more evident that ALS… Read more »

Employees on the “Right Track” to Customer Satisfaction

Jen Norris   October 6, 2014
TTC Photo

Organization Name: Toronto Transit Commission Contact: N/A Industry: Transportation In 1920, the Toronto Transit Commission was created, and in 1921 the Toronto Transit Commission took over existing infrastructure either owned by municipalities or privately. Since 1921, The TTC has had a long and interesting evolution. Since 1921, the TTC has carried nearly 28 billion rides and grown to be the… Read more »