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Key Topics for The Future of Social Media

i_hub_com   March 24, 2013

Irrespective of your experiences to date, Social Media is here to stay and is expected to continue to transform the way in which commerce and human relations are transacted. During the Social Media evolution many key discussion areas have materialized as hot topics drawing significant interest regarding the future trajectory of Social Media from iconic institutions such as the United Nations, The… Read more »

Customer Sentiment & Business Recovery Social Media Metrics

i_hub_com   March 11, 2013

Organizations face many operating perils some manageable while others are not. When faced with an unforeseen or unavoidable event many organizations often feel overwhelmed. During the initial impact period of an unexpected event organizations direct significant effort and focus on developing a business recovery plan relying on traditional KPIs such as market share, sales and profits as the proxy for… Read more »

Coca-Cola’s Leading Edge Product Development Innovation

i_hub_com   February 27, 2013

Coca-Cola a Global Leading Beverage Company Embraces Product Innovation The Coca-Cola Company, incorporated in September 1919, a global leading beverage company with over 500 brands recently introduced its ground breaking product innovation Coca-Cola Freestyle™  a revolutionary, new, interactive touch screen fountain capable of creating more than 100 beverage options at your fingertips available in a matter of seconds! Declared by Forbes as one… Read more »

Employee Engagement and Social Media At Best Buy

i_hub_com   February 10, 2013

One of the key areas of interest for today’s companies is employee engagement.  To make the most of today’s rightsized and restructured resource pools, companies are striving to achieve employee retention while maximizing the contributions of their select employee pools. The following excerpts are based on Canadian HR Reporter TV’s interview with Jennifer Rock, director of employee communications (U.S.) for… Read more »