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Smartphone Media

faisalahsan   November 19, 2012

Social media has changed the way we perceive products and services. As consumers we now have several outlets to get our feedback back to the companies we patron. According to Niels Schillewaert, PhD, Managing Partner of InSites Consulting, New York., “81% of U.S. internet users want to help brands and give them advice and do so through consumer consulting communities…. Read more »

Groupon: Collective Buying Power Gone Wrong?

faisalahsan   November 5, 2012

Groupon is a company that offers coupons and deals to its users on a daily basis. The premise behind Groupon is to use customer feedback to gauge demand for products and services. Interested parties purchase the coupon and only if enough people buy in does it become redeemable. This means the end users determine which coupons are redeemable and which… Read more »

Coca Cola’s Social Media Strategy – “Let’s not just listen. Let’s converse.”

faisalahsan   October 21, 2012

Recently, Coca-Cola became the first retail brand to cross 50 million likes on Facebook. That’s impressive. What is even more impressive though, is their social media strategy for the next decade. Having taken the social media world head on, Coca-Cola has redefined how to interact with their consumers. Coca-Cola’s mission statement is to refresh the world, inspire moments of happiness… Read more »

Philanthropy Redefined by Social Media

faisalahsan   October 7, 2012

Web References: Social Media & Philanthropy It was inevitable. Thanks to the increased connection with people across the globe via social media mediums such as Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, the strategy has changed for charitable organizations and philanthropists to interface dramatically. Although more traditional mediums are still prevalent and carry a lot of weight, social… Read more »