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The Lagging Adoption of Social Media in Supply Chain Management

David Murray   March 12, 2013

The massive impact of social media technology on the sales and marketing functions of most businesses is no longer debatable.  The further reach of social media into functions such as customer support and product development is also tangible and accelerating.  However the lack of adoption of social media in the area of supply chain management is very peculiar.  How could… Read more »

From CRM to Social CRM – A Sudden Revolution

David Murray   February 21, 2013

  Customer Relationship Management (or CRM as it is most commonly known) came quietly onto the business scene in the mid-90’s.   CRM took a relevant yet secondary position in most businesses, with an important but limited focus on customer interaction tracking and IT automation of service delivery.   While some pioneers stretched the CRM toolset a step further and began to… Read more »