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Dave is a talented cross platform marketing professional, with a background in graphic design and managing successful web and social media initiatives.

Social Media Optimization: The SEO of the future

Dave Mazur   November 20, 2013

 “Everything that is to do with online begins and ends with the search engine, and thus the job of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exists…”       Social Search The very first page many of us click on when we first go to the web is a search engine. This is the stepping stone to the internet, and in more… Read more »

Dance to the sound of Social Success

Dave Mazur   November 13, 2013

Marketing Music in the Social Age: Ever since Napster, itself an early social network, turned the business model of the music industry on its ear, music marketers have had to consider a dynamic shift on how to remain viable. In the past, sales and profits were tied to record sales, but they can no longer use such a model with… Read more »

Sky’s the Limit, with JetBlue and Social-Marketing

Dave Mazur   November 7, 2013
The sky is the limit with Social Media and JetBlue Airlines

Into the JetBlue Sky Social Media darling JetBlue airlines has been at the forefront of social marketing since 2007. Ever since inclement weather grounded most of JetBlue’s planes and passengers were trapped in their seats for hours.  Then, social media was still in its infancy and it wasn’t used by companies to interact with their customers or to manage “image… Read more »

Top Car Makers Play Nice, and Risk It All

Dave Mazur   October 30, 2013

  “The automotive community agrees that in a global industry one issue affects all and there is no competitive advantage in letting competitors have risk in their supply chain.” Risks One very serious drawback for car manufacturers today is RISK! As multinational companies become more globalized their supply chains become spread thorough out the world, and their exposure to problems… Read more »

Lego my Lego?

Dave Mazur   October 24, 2013

LEGO Design by ME was a service introduced by the construction toy Lego. Launched in 2005 , before a fledgling Facebook ushered in the social media age, under the name LEGO Factory. The unique customization service allowed people to design their own Lego models using a computer aided design program, then upload them to the Lego website, share those designs and even develop their own packaging and… Read more »

TripAdvisor: Getting the Truth?

Dave Mazur   October 16, 2013

Customer engagement Very few social driven websites demonstrate the effects of customer engagement like This community based website features the results and ratings of consumer experiences at many Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Holiday package destinations. All of these reviews are online, for any potential traveler to see and review. With links to Facebook, Twitter and Travel Forums, it has… Read more »