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Debra L. Beck is a freelance communications professional and medical journalist who is eager to learn new areas and master new skill sets. Her latest effort is taking this SMBP course to better understand business uses for social media.

Social media on Wall Street

Debra L. Beck   March 27, 2015

Industry: The financial markets Web references:,  Description of how social media is used in stock analysis Social media stocks are outperforming the wider markets; no surprise. Also not surprising is that a social media Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) has been developed to provide would-be investors with a convenient way of tracking the upward trajectory of social media. There are myriad… Read more »

Viral marketing with KitKat

Debra L. Beck   March 9, 2015
KitKat bench

Organization name: Nestle S.A. Industry: Food and Beverage   The Bench as Traditional Advertising The KitKat bench is a great piece of creative advertising. It seems to appear on every list of the best bench ads. In this video listing 25 Incredibly Creative Bench Ads, it falls at #3, bested only by a moving Melbourne Citymission bench on child homelessness… Read more »

Crowdsourcing a Student WordPress Resources Section

Debra L. Beck   February 16, 2015

Organization name: University of Waterloo, Center for Extended Learning Industry: Education, Professional Development Name of contact: Peter Carr, PhD, Programme Director, Social Media for Business Performance Web references: Social Media for Business Performance Using Crowdsourcing to Develop a Student Resources Application WordPress is a relatively easy program to use. However, for novice users who are not widely computer experienced, and… Read more »

#DeliveringThanks: FedEx Recognizes Employees Who Embody the Purple Promise

Debra L. Beck   February 10, 2015

Organization name: FedEx Industry: Air Courier Services, Shipping Description of how social media is used for business performance Remember when you were a kid seeing the “Employee of the Week” board at your local hardware store? Some stores (Costco, for one) still have them, but global companies require global “Employee of the Week” boards. To this end, the FedEx Social Media… Read more »

FedEx uses Intragram to Show Global Reach and Inspire

Debra L. Beck   February 9, 2015

Organization name: FedEx Industry: Air Courier Services, Shipping Web references: FedEx on Instagram, Five B2B Intragram Feeds to Emulate Description of how social media is used for business performance In early December 2014, Instagram announced they now have more than 300 million monthly users, readily topping the 288 million active Twitter users, as reported earlier this month. Early adopters of Instagram were… Read more »