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SAP: Using Social Media for Building, Selling and Supporting

corykingsbury   November 11, 2012

Ever see an ad on Facebook trying to sell you something? Sure you have. That for me, is Social Media Marketing. Companies utilizing Social Media platforms such a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. to sell their product and or service, this is starting to become very common in the market place, because it works. Well, there are also Companies such as… Read more »

Social Media effects Apple supply chain, being under fire from protest

corykingsbury   October 27, 2012

With the help of Social Media, Mark Shields campaign, successfully achieved more hands in joining the fight against Apple’s supply chain, calling on the technology company to protect manufacturing workers from abuse, injury and death. “More than 140,000 people across the world have joined an explosive campaign on, calling on Apple to protect workers in their supply chain who… Read more »

General Motors keeping “consumers at the center at all times” through Social Media

corykingsbury   October 13, 2012

Organization Name: General Motors (GM) Industry: Car & Truck Manufacturer Web References: ” There are really an opportunity to engage our consumers with their lifestyle passions. For example, music is a big pillar for Chevrolet and we offered early access to Spotify when that came out.” – CB Example of how they use Social Media to interact with consumers, by giving… Read more »