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The Future of Social Media is Guaranteed?

Carrie   July 9, 2013

With the amalgamation of Social Media into general marketing strategies, ‘Being Social’ is no longer seen as an option but rather a requirement in the business world. The most trusted form of marketing has for decades been word of mouth and social media offers this on a number of platforms for businesses to readily engage. A study performed by McKinsey… Read more »

The Apple Approach to Marketing and Social Media

Carrie   July 4, 2013

Apple’s use of social media is lacking to say the least. Compared to other companies, they don’t even have the minimal social marketing tools required to be competative within todays’ market, for example, share icons. David Moth documents how much is in fact missing, in his article The Apple approach to social media: just ignore it. If you visit most… Read more »

How Hubspot Assisted Rezdy to Consistently Generate more Visits, Leads and Customers!

Carrie   June 27, 2013

  Hubspot, is an all-in-one marketing company whose inbound marketing software help’s generate more visits, leads, and customers. It’s suite of tools work seamlessly together, with its marketing templates being optimized for conversion and mobile distribution out the box. Hubspot social media for example, saved small business Rezdy time by auto-publishing each post to social media. It then measured the effectiveness of each… Read more »

Sourcemap Offering Companies a Way to Manage Supply Chain Using Social Media

Carrie   June 19, 2013

Sourcemap, a company launched out of MIT in 2007 initially as a project then as a business in 2011, offers companies a way to manage their supply chain through social media. What they have offered is mapping of where companies source items and a way to track and share those maps. Coming soon from Sourcemap will be an enterprise edition… Read more »

General Electric Turns to Social Media to Develop Products from its Patent Portfolio

Carrie   June 13, 2013

In April 2013 General Electric announced it is going to turn to social media through a partnership with Quirky – a social platform that specializes in helping inventors turn ideas into actual products. GE will license hundreds of patents to the community on Quirky for a share of the revenue generated by any products created. This is a very low… Read more »

Tim Hortons Camp Day Uses Social Media to Engage Customers

Carrie   June 4, 2013

On Wednesday June 5th Tim Hortons and the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation teamed up to launch a nationwide effort to raise money to send kids to camps across Canada. The fundraising effort is based out of Tim Hortons stores. Social media was utilized heavily in 2012 with some great results and again is being used in 2013 to build up… Read more »

Thinking About Social Media Strategy in the Workplace

Carrie   May 29, 2013

The US economy takes a $370 Billion hit from over 70% of employees, that are actively or passively disengaged with their work. There are tools that exist which are specifically geared to engage employees internally in social media, with one of the popular ones being Yammer. The goal with all of these [tools] is to give people a voice, a… Read more »