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Qoints: Micro Marketing and the Future of Social Media

barryrooke   July 11, 2013

In the vast waters of social media, the mainstream media giants such as Twitter and Facebook are difficult water to navigate, especially as a marketer.  InfiniteSM’s new promotions platform is Qoints, a new way for marketing managers and staff to target niche groups within larger social media platforms.   The platform makes it easier for companies to deploy contests, coupons, samples,… Read more »

Above & Beyond’s “Group Therapy” Is An Invitation to Being Social

barryrooke   July 3, 2013

Late last year, the super trance trio of Above & Beyond announced their radio show Trance Around the World was coming to an end.   The result was panic across the digital world about why they would quit.  Were they breaking up?  Were they going to become dubstep producers? What would people do on Friday afternoon while they were suppose… Read more »

What Should 250,000 Likes Really Look Like on a Facebook Music Fanpage

barryrooke   June 26, 2013

Most people in the music industry have seen those pages where someone has 250,000 likes on Facebook, but only “15 people are talking about this”.  Well it is starting to catch up and hurt those bands or artists who are buying “fans” when there music cant back up the base (Remember this image? or you can just search Google for… Read more »

Social Media in Supply at Lockheed Martin

barryrooke   June 18, 2013

Global security’s and aerospace designer Lockheed Martin pride themselves as a leader in innovation as driven by its staff and partners.  With over 118,000 employees in more then 75 countries, connecting ideas to the people that can make it happen is critical to the success of the company.  The result is the Lockheed Martin’s social media initiative “Supplier Wire” program, which… Read more »

AriZona Iced Tea Celebrated 20 Years – And YOU Designed the Cans!

barryrooke   June 10, 2013

20 years in business is quite a success story, and for the AriZona Iced Tea company (makers of different types of iced tea, sports beverages and the Arnold Palmer “Half and Half” drinks), it was time for its fans to create the winning design for the celebrations, while having some fun with it. The company teamed up with Creative Allies, a social… Read more »

When your customers are your friends

barryrooke   June 6, 2013

Social media is by definition, social.  So its no surprise that the line between customer and friend can easily blur and shift.   The rise of Twitter and Facebook have produced the online social butterfly who’s (at first, unofficial)  invite you out to a night club or event to join them for an evening of entertainment as friends.  But a… Read more »

Blogs – Not just for documenting your meals

barryrooke   May 29, 2013

When you hear the word “blog” you think personal, online material like Paperback Writer or Janelle Evans type blogs.  But the use of blog by an organization can go much further than just talking about their own product for marketing purposes,  it can also create historical data and organizational memory. CJSF is a campus/community radio station located in Burnaby BC which… Read more »