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Learn Through Videos and What Jack Dorsey Really Have to Say About Square.

avazhang   March 21, 2013

Recently, I watched a video on the OpenCourse website in China on my tablet about a presentation called “The Power of Curiosity and Inspiration” for Stanford University by the founder of Twitter. His name is Jack Dorsey, and he worked in a company as a programmer before working for his own company. In the presentation, he introduced a new product… Read more » Functions Is The Solution to The Complex Supply Chain Issue

avazhang   March 7, 2013

  Kinnek is a social media website with easy, accessible product supply information that are unmatching to the traditional B2B platforms. It is easy to use because of the slick user interface and noticeably multifunctional website. Meanwhile, the website offers business users with supplier’s information and a useful search bar, so buyers can compare the suppliers or contact them through… Read more »

Kobo Knows Everything. How Indigo transformed from selling to the Bookworms, to to Internet Surfers.

avazhang   February 21, 2013

Kobo has launched a contest on Twitter that increased the company’s twitter follower by 43%. There is a lot of people on Twitter and Facebook today, and the power of readers’ engagement to boost companies’s future sales is huge. People have jumped from the basic buying-and-selling encounters to developing friendship and love for the moments of engaging with their buyers…. Read more »