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Alexis Klein is a seasoned communications and marketing professional who has over 20 years of experience in the investment industry. He is fluently bilingual, graduated with a Specialized Honours B.A in Economics and has obtained his Chartered Investment Manager designation and his Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute designation. He is also the founder of the Global Women's Equity Fund concept - a first in Canada.

Not using social media? You’re the next Robinson Crusoe

alexis klein   March 3, 2015

Organization Name: Marketers on Demand Inc. Industry: Recruiting Industry Name of contact if available: Marcie Pollack, President Web references: Marketers on Demand Inc. Not so long ago (going back just a few years), marketing departments used to rely on traditional media channels to actively promote a service or a good – which is to say radio, TV and print. Enter… Read more »

Social Media Metrics – Not Everything is QUANTIFIABLE

alexis klein   February 26, 2015

Organization Name: Millennium1 Solutions Industry: Business Process Outsourcing Name of contact if available: Holly Abbott – Director, Quality & Corporate Communication Web references: Millennium1 Solutions When it comes to social media, companies either embrace the concept or stay clear of it.  To some executives, social media is an integral part of their marketing strategy while for others, it is just… Read more »

Sanofi – Vaccines, social media and the supply chain

alexis klein   February 19, 2015

Organization Name: Sanofi, Sanofi Pasteur (The “Sanofi”) Industry: Global Health Care Name of contact if available: Husnain Zakaria, Director of Supply Chain at Sanofi Pasteur Web references:  Sanofi Pasteur   Supply Chain Management “demystified”: Simply put, supply chain management refers to the active management of the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity. Let’s take a… Read more »

Alterna Savings – Beyond Customer Engagement

alexis klein   February 4, 2015

Organization Name: Alterna Savings Industry: Banking Name of contact if available: Frugina Ball, Region Head, Member Experience, GTA Web references: Alterna Savings Earned Media – Take it Seriously Now more than ever, consumers live online in their own “living and breathing” digital microcosm. In order for a company to reach out to its target audience (i.e. all consumers that purchase or would potentially… Read more »

Forget Mayday – Tim Hortons is on Defcon 4

alexis klein   January 29, 2015

Organization Name: Tim Hortons Industry: Restaurants Name of contact if available: Michelle Robichaud, ‎Lead, Public Relations at Tim Hortons Canada Web references: The word disaster is a noun which is pronounced dəˈzastər. The date is January 29th, 2015 and the time is 10:00 p.m.  My prediction is that within the next 48 hours, the senior executives at Tim Hortons… Read more »

Here comes the “Mayo Effect”

alexis klein   January 28, 2015

Organization Name: Mayo Clinic Industry: Medical Clinic/Research Name of contact if available: John Noseworthy, CEO Web references:Mayo Clinic The Lay of the Land: “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup Employee involvement. Let’s start with those simple two words. A company that values its employee’s contributions will actively… Read more »