Searching for Friends now Evolving into Searching for Compatible Matches

Gurjit Sidhu    December 6, 2018

Who has ever sat back and thought what social media may offer in the near future or what other new platforms may exist in the coming future. Well I have, have you? Now consider this, dating websites are known as a totally different platform for many years now where specific websites are designed and developed just for dating purposes. Whereas the social media platform of Facebook was designed for the purpose of users connecting with one another throughout the world. However, Facebook has now announced that they are integrating a dating feature into its social media platform where users from around the world will be able to view compatible matches who are making use of the dating feature. This is a great stepping stone towards future growth of the company as it is something that is outstanding and Facebook is the first to offer this feature compared to other social media platforms, giving Facebook a competitive advantage.

Social media was once used by users to just connect with friends and families where it later became a platform enabling organizations to connect with is consumers. Social media has been a great platform in relation to marketing business objectives, attracting a larger audience, increasing awareness and the performance of an overall business. Because many users around the world use Facebook, it is great to know that instead of having random people pop up in your messages asking if you’re single or not, at least Facebook has generated a separate feature that users who are interest in dating can opt into and connect with compatible other users who are making use of that feature.

Lessons for Others

Overall, realizing that Facebook to taking measures to continuously adding in new features and keeping its social media platform up to date at all times enables the company to keep up with growth and future success of the company. It also enables the organization to have a competitive advantage where they are always one of the leading platform in the social media industry.

Organization: Facebook
Industry: Social Media
Name of Organization Contact: Mark Zuckerberg

Authored by: Gurjit Sidhu

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