Print Ads Now a Thing of the Past?

Gurjit Sidhu    December 6, 2018

Once upon a time, store flyers were delivered on a weekly basis, house to house, to aware consumers about what sales were going on in store so that they could take advantage. There also was a time, where families would tune into TV stations at a specific time of the day so they could watch their favourite TV shows and commercial ads of various companies to know what new products are in store. With the world developing into the modern era, now comes a day where a well-known company Calvin Klein is says bye-bye to its print ads, and are focusing solely on digital media marketing. Calvin Klein has just announced that they will be focusing on a digital-first media strategy beginning in February 2019.


Social media marketing which plays a key role in digital media marketing, is the marketing methods used to connect with consumers, join the community, build relationships, and engage in conversations. Of course these are not the only tactics that social media marketing conveys, digital marketing is such a great path to choose to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the overall performance of an organization.


“Magazine publishers have been informed that Calvin Klein will take a new “consumer-centric” marketing strategy that will see the brand shift to a “digital-first, socially amplified model, with video the preferred format.” Considering this statement, it is good to know that Calvin Klein realizes how they should be connecting with their consumers to ensure company goals and objectives are being met while still focusing on the consumers. Without consumers, any organization cannot succeed, but in today’s 21st century it is evident that people around the world are focused on the use of digital technology for majority of the day. Whether it be to watch news, view the weather, do research, it can simply be done on one device which mainly conveys to smart phones.


The use of social media also plays a big role in this as ads/campaigns can be created and paid for on various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where the target audience will see these ads on their pages as “sponsored ads”. Social media platforms have now built in social media metrics into their ad campaign features where organizations are able to track many KPIS. As marketing is one of the biggest components to any organization, Calvin Klein has the ability to post its marketing content whether it be videos, pictures, posters, or announcements all on its social media platforms. Since they will be focusing on the digital first strategy I am sure their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages will showcase much more content.

Lessons for Others

Overall, it is great to known that Calvin Klein is adapting to the real world in real time and being up to date with the digital platform. Focusing on consumers through a digital first aspect will enable the company to stay up to update with the digital world. Because the digital platform is such a big thing with new updates on social media platforms ad marketing, it is important to make use of it for the success of a company. Since it is the year end of 2018, of course this is big news. It is yet to think how many more organizations may follow Calvin Klein’s path.

Organization: Calvin Klein
Industry: Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Steven B. Shiffman

Authored by: Gurjit Sidhu

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