Bringing Flavour to Customers through CRM!

Gurjit Sidhu    December 2, 2018

At the end of a long day, or any special event, everyone deserves a special treat, especially when it comes to desert. Since social media has become a norm of society in today’s world, I have never gone by a day where I haven’t seen one of my friends or colleagues share a post of desert that they are having. Jennifer Grossman, owner of Irresistibly Delicious has established a successful at home business where she bakes various custom deserts and cakes and is known throughout the GTA. Many may think how Jennifer managed to grow her business since it is run and managed from home. Well the answer to that is the success of her business comes through her exceptional customer engagement tactics which she uses through social media platforms.

What makes Jennifer’s business so special is the fact that she uses fresh ingredients and bakes everything from scratch. As she has always had a passion for baking since she was a kid, she does her job with great passion. This enables Jennifer to a build a platform with her customers where she is always interacting with them with positive vibes which also attracts a positive word of mouth. With customers being so social these days, it is important to take customer relationship management seriously and ensure that your business builds exceptional customer engagement to attract a larger audience and increase your customer base.

Jennifer has studied various social media platforms and has focused on using Facebook and Pinterest to engage with her customers to enhance and create positive vibes in relation to the customer engagement and overall success of the business. On a regular basis Jennifer shares posts of her custom made deserts on Irresistibly Delicious’s Facebook Page with her customers. Jennifer has said that “”Almost all of my regular customers are on Facebook,” she said. “I can put something out there, like a picture on Facebook [and] get comments and likes. It gets out there and attracts new customers. I’m able to reach a lot of people in one second, with the click of a button.”

Lessons for Others

Overall considering that Irresistibility is a small business based from home, they have done a profound job in developing good customer engagement and being a great example for other small businesses out there. Rather than being all over the place on social media platforms, Jennifer has done a great job in studying which platform was the best suitable for her business and establishing her presence from thereof.

Organization: Irresistibly Delicious
Industry: Food
Name of Organization Contact: Jennifer Grossman

Authored by: Gurjit Sidhu

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