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Hannah Jarvinen    November 21, 2018

Have you ever been part of the “Sandwich Generation”? If you are not sure what this term means, it references being an adult child of aging parents and having your own family.  The struggle is trying to make enough time to meet everyone’s needs.  Usually, your needs are the only one’s not met and you are exhausted however you lovingly help your parents. Shaz’z Organizing Solutions rescued me in 2006 by helping to downsize the family home in preparation for my Mom to go into assisted living. She was so professional and prepared as items were sorted into categories based on my input.  Take a look at the before and after photos. Fast forward to 2018 and it is no longer a one-person operation. They have a great website and work all over the lower mainland of British Columbia.  The majority of this success can be attributed to traditional marketing methods such as cold calling real estate agents and moving companies.  These resulted into referrals along with referrals from referrals.  How does an established business transition fully into utilizing social media marketing?

In today’s market the consumer makes purchases based on new products and reviews.  The businesses are gearing their social media marketing to their ideal buyers.  Shaz’z Organizing Solutions needs to nurture their relationships with their stakeholders to cement a bond of trust. The more transparency the company has the stronger the trust.  The social media content will help to create that transparency provided that it is content the buyer is seeking.  There are several real estate boards listed in a Google search and this would be a great place to begin.  Make contact with them to see if they have a network or social media method of contacting all of their real estate agents.  It would then be possible to send an email introducing the company and outlining how you could assist their future clients.  Contacting moving companies, carpet cleaners, property management companies and mortgage brokers to introduce your company this could lead to a mutual negotiation where you could refer their company as they refer yours.

There is an affordable housing crisis on the lower mainland of British Columbia.  Many people are now looking to tiny homes as an option.  This may be a great place to turn for potential business.  These people who are purchasing a tiny home will need to downsize significantly to fit into a tiny home.  There happens to be a tiny home building business in Abbotsford, BC. Called Tiny Home Canada.

Share Shaz’z Organizing Solutions Facebook page with all of your friends and ask them to share it with their friends.  This should increase the number of potential customers you will reach.  Publish content that is relevant to your business such as success stories.  Decluttering one’s living quarters goes a long way to creating contentment.  There is a psychological link to the amount of stuff you have and a peaceful mind.  Quite often we hear about a Danish term called, “hygge” pronounced hoo gah which is a word that has many meanings.  It basically means warmth and comfort, for a more detailed description use this link.  More and more people in are world are looking for the simpler things in life and to be more mindful.  Life is not about the things we own it is about those we share our lives with.  Any content with this information would be well received.

Many seniors are no longer interested in looking after large homes and gardens therefore they are looking to downsize.  The British Columbia Seniors Living Association may possibly be able to provide some people to contact to introduce Shaz’z Organizing Solution.

Large corporations hire corporate relocation specialists to assist employees with transfers and moves.  The Better Business Bureau has a listing of 40 relocation companies in the lower mainland.  This may be another area to introduce Shaz’z Organizing Solutions.  The Better Business Bureau.

Through these contacts you will come across a community of like-minded individuals be it seniors, minimalist, relocating employees or people looking for a piece of mind.  Spark up a conversation and connect with them without advertising your business.  Make connections and solidify relationships over time then it will be fine to mention your business casually.

Lessons for Others

In conclusion, based on the case studies already published such as http://wp.cel.uwaterloo.ca/smbp/2018/10/customized-jewelry-inspired-by-your-story/  – check out the Facebook videos done by Kim Livingstone at Sand & Stone Jewelry.  This is what makes for a great social media campaign.  Jaye Coward from Farm Bound also has excellent video content http://wp.cel.uwaterloo.ca/smbp/2018/10/growth-by-leaps-and-bounds-farm-bound/ .  There is a sincerity, truthfulness that one cannot help but trust these businesses.  Shaz’z Organizing Solutions should implement some video content to give them a sense of transparency.  It has proven to be successful and can cement those relationships for conversion.

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Authored by: Hannah Jarvinen

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