Stella & Dot & Empowered Stylists: A Case Study on Employee Engagement

meghendriks    October 15, 2018

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of supportive women who have her back.” A quote printed in the online Issuu of Stella & Dot’s October 2017 Opportunity Brochure. Browsing their beautiful products, Manifesto, inspirational testimonials from Stylists: It is clear Stella & Dot strongly defines themselves as a company “that is inspired by, created for, and run by strong women”.

Stella & Dot currently has over 18,000 active independent Stylists and were listed as an Inc. 500 fastest growing company. Their Stylists are independent contractors that represent the line of jewelry and accessories. But with so many women representing globally, how do they create this tribe?

Stylists are equipped with newsletters, online and live training events as well as the app, MIMI. However, in this case study I’ll be focusing on their effective use of Facebook groups and how by using them it enhances their Stylist’s engagement with each other.

Using Facebook Groups to Connect Stylists                 

Utilizing a platform the Stylists surely are not only comfortable with but also are likely to be actively using it for their customers, Facebook groups has fulfilled another important role, engagement. They are connecting a community of Stylists together.

The groups are run by Star Stylists (higher ranked Stylists) and range from geographic location to seasonal groups (which focuses on peak selling opportunities). The Stylists can collaborate on ideas, discuss challenges and share wins.  They can show each other how they are using marketing tools, promos, ask questions about products, or seek advice on customer service. With commenting, liking and sharing features, the Stylists can contribute to each other and get feedback right away.

One Stylist shared a motivational challenge and invited others to join along. Another Stylist was seeking advice as to how to get more eyes on her page.  The groups also have features to allow stylists to create meetups and events.

Jacqueline Poorter, a Stella & Dot Stylist, in Hamilton, Ontario explains how being a part of a Stylist group on Facebook is beneficial and empowering her business. (


Stella & Dot’s Facebook groups are a perfect example of social media working effectively within a company. It successfully engages and connect its employees and is exactly what Stella & Dot promises- a tribe of supportive women who have each other backs.

Lessons for Others

By using social media internally within an organization, a space can be created for employees to connect, collaborate and empower each other. It has the power to become a valuable community of resources that not only benefits the employees but also the company.


Organization: Stella & Dot
Industry: Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Jessica Herrin, CEO & Founder and Blythe Harris, Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder

Authored by: MHendriks

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