Stampin’ Up! Makes a Difference with Hashtags

ameule    October 15, 2018

Stampin’ Up! prides itself on making a difference. Its mission statement is “To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments … in this we make a difference.” And one of the ways it makes a difference among its demonstrators (independent sales agents) is with its hashtags.

Companies use hashtags to reach a wider audience by sharing a connection, illustrating their corporate culture and values to the public. When the hashtag resonates with an employee, they are happy to include it in their own social media posts. It empowers employees to share their common values.

Creating and sharing a unique hashtag not only allows you to promote your brand, but builds employee loyalty, engagement, and creates content.

Sara Douglass, Stampin’ Up! CEO has launched several hashtags, giving demonstrators an official way to publicly share their successes and goals with the company. This fosters a sense of community, development and growth, which in turn makes a difference in their lives.

Here are some examples:

To celebrate Stampin’ Up!’s 30th anniversary, this hashtag was created and has been used with empowering messages and prompts to encourage demonstrators to interact with one another about how the company has made a difference in their lives.



Demonstrators were encouraged to publicly state their 6-month goals with this hashtag, and were featured on Sara Douglass’ social channels.


With people wishing each other Happy Birthday electronically, a movement was started to “bring birthdays back” to a traditional greeting card. This hashtag was developed into a rubber stamp, which got people talking and sharing on social media.


This hashtag was designed to encourage demonstrators and customers alike to mail the card after it’s been crafted, as that’s the part that will make a difference in someone’s day. To promote the hashtag, post a photo of the card and include the hashtag.

Lessons for Others

Employees who use company hashtags are more engaged, which in turn makes a positive difference in their own lives and online communities.

Organization: Stampin' Up!
Industry: Crafts
Name of Organization Contact: Sara Douglass, CEO

Authored by: Amber M

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