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Gurjit Sidhu    October 22, 2018

Magna International Inc. is known as North America’s largest global automotive supplier. Magna’s headquarters are located in Aurora, Ontario. “The Magna’s unique Fair Enterprise culture, based on fairness and concern for people, recognizes that your engagement and commitment is fundamental to our business success.”

As Magna’s company grew into more than 400 locations worldwide, so did the workforce. As this manufacturing company has a diverse set of global employees, it was difficult to create a communication amongst them as whole in regards to an employee to employee base as well as a company to employee base. As such, Magna realized that because majority of their employees are employed in manufacturing, they do not have access to the internet while performing their job. Thus, using social media as an internal communications tool was an asset to the company to create effective employee engagement.

A Facebook Post Leading to Employee Engagement through Social Media

Upon creating a Facebook post on Earth Day about one of the Brazil locations participating in Earth Day activities and how that facility made changes to create energy savings. It was realized that many employees of the organization worldwide had noticed this post and were talking about it with one another. It was evident to Magna that social media could be a great tool for employees to learn more about the company. Today, Magna does not only use social media to share employee event stories, however use social media to create effective employee focused campaigns.

Using Social Media to Educate Employees on Globally Received Awards

Magna does a great job in creating awareness about awards that are received in various countries that portray a great reputation as well as alert employees about what the company is focusing on and achieving as a company as a whole.

Lessons for Others

Overall, social media is not a tool that is used to interact for personal communications with friends and family, however it is a perfect platform to interact, create effective communication, and learn about your employer. It is evident that Magna itself is doing a great job in using social media on a regular basis to engage with its employees worldwide.

Organization: Magna International Inc
Industry: Automotive
Name of Organization Contact: Donald Walker, CEO

Authored by: Gurjit Sidhu

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