Legal Monkeys get real-time feedback with social medias (and a vintage tactic)

Cami Beaulieu    October 14, 2018

It’s a common thinking that human resources are the most important asset of an organization. Big companies, small start-ups, non-for-profit… no matter the size, most businesses understand the benefits and ROI of employee involvement.

In my research to find companies excelling in this strategy through social medias, I was particularly drawn to the story of Legal Monkeys. They manage medical records for medium to big American law firms. Their expertise and field of work is so far from the company I work for, however the fact that they are, too, a small organization (80 employees), got me thinking about the use of social medias in smaller scale businesses – such as where I spend my own 9-to-5.

Legal Monkeys is mentioned in the article “5 Companies Getting Employee Engagement Right” by Steffen Maier on, alongside big names such as Southwest Airlines and Dreamworks, who are well renowned for their efforts in employee engagement. Legal Monkeys is the proof that you don’t have to implement big tactics to “get it right”. In fact, the Legal Monkeys CEO Corey Cormier explains that their employee involvement strategy started with what I would call a vintage approach: a small Appreciation Board that allows every employee to write down comments and positive feedback to fellow staff members.

The use of social media comes to play subsequently when they share the Appreciation Board comments on their Facebook page and Twitter feed. This step is meaningful, because it’s a very public “good job!” for for employees who would not necessarily be publicly recognized otherwise. Their Facebook page and Twitter feed  are rocking pictures, videos and comments of positive feedback and appreciation from and for their employees. The company culture of Legal Monkeys is easy to see through their use of social medias.

Lessons for Others

I think that Legal Monkeys example of using social medias to praise, applaud, motivate and congratulate employees in front of their friends and family must be very effective. This strategy could easily be replicated in smaller and bigger organizations. It comes to show that it does not have to be big gestures (but hey, that’s nice too!) to create a meaningful impact with employees. The adage says “Praise in public, reprimand in private”.  The use of social medias has increase the visibility of those small gestures and is increasing the scope of the positive feedback that can be shared publicly.

Organization: Legal Monkeys
Industry: Medical records management for law firms
Name of Organization Contact: Corey Cormier, CEO

Authored by: Cam Beaulieu

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