Customized Jewelry Inspired by Your Story

Hannah Jarvinen    October 23, 2018

The social event of the year in Fort St. John, British Columbia is the CKNL Trade Show and just about everyone in town shows up.  There was a booth that was absolutely impossible to get to for the crowd.  It was Sand & Stone Jewelry.  What was it about this jewelry that caused such a frenzy?  Word of mouth was spreading like wildfire and the rage was to own pieces of their jewelry.  There are several contributing factors that are key to customer engagement and the first one is transparency, the second one is long term customer engagement and lastly is how authentic and humble the owner is.

Sand & Stone Jewelry has transparency and this is appreciated.  Their Facebook page often has “ah ha” moments which are so thought provoking.  We only have one life, live it. It was incredible to watch as Sand & Stone was invited to the Oscars Gifting Suite in LA in 2017.  The excitement of being in three issues of LA Fashion Magazine.

The long-term customer engagements come from the belief that each piece of jewelry is designed for the story of your life and these are your chapters.  Many of my friends and coworkers have purchased or received jewelry that is specific to their story.  Sand & Stone Jewelry has had the privilege of creating each custom piece from customer stories be it births, deaths, weddings, happy and sad moments in their lives. Customers have trusted Sand & Stone Jewelry with their stories.  One Christmas I was the recipient of a beautiful custom bracelet and it has become a treasured heirloom.  It provokes wonderful memories every time I wear it.  It makes me smile as I am smiling now thinking about it.  Sand & Stone Jewelry has pop up markets which is a great way to engage customers.  There is something about actually holding a bracelet and reading the saying on the ready made bracelets.  They also have giveaways on their Facebook page where you pick a number and they use a random number generator app to choose the winner.

Sand & Stone Jewelry is very humble, grateful and giving.  It is important for a company to have community engagement and with this comes a loyal following of customers.  When customers know that a portion of their purchase goes to a local good cause they will continue to support the business.  Sand & Stone is very philanthropic minded.

Lessons for Others

In conclusion, the success of customer engagement depends on many factors.  Sand & Stone Jewelry is catering to the different types of customers by utilizing various methods such as an online presence through Facebook, Instagram, and a website.  In order to reach those customers who are not plugged in so to speak there are still the traditional methods such as trade shows, vintage markets and pop up markets.  There are also stores that carry Sand & Stone Jewelry for those who enjoy old fashioned shopping methods.  Utilizing all of these methods is engaging the customers so Sand & Stone Jewelry has the right mix to sustain the testament of time.   The owner, Kim Livingstone has been trusted with many stories in the chapters of customers lives.  It has been an honour having my partner share our story with Kim to create a beautiful heirloom bracelet.

Organization: Sand & Stone Jewelry
Industry: Fashion
Name of Organization Contact: Kim Livingstone

Authored by: Hannah Jarvinen

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