ShopB and Content Marketing

mbaker    July 3, 2018

Shop B, formerly Blush, is an independent women’s fashion boutique on Quebec Street in downtown Guelph, ON. The shop opened in 2004 and has grown into a leader of fashion boutiques in the area. Michele Lee, the owner and creator of Shop B, grew the shop based on her love of fashion, design, and creativity. She has a history in merchandising, which is made immediately evident in the beauty her shop exudes, both in person and in its online presence.

Michele Lee has mastered content marketing with Shop B. She has developed a colour scheme to be associated with her brand, and this has established a successful consistency across all platforms, in store and online (this is very evident on her website, Instagram, and Facebook). Furthermore, Shop B, although a retail store, does not use their social media presence to be particularly sales-y. Instead, social media is used to promote a lifestyle of fashion and beauty. This specific Shop B look attracts the Shop B audience, the people who like and want the lifestyle Shop B exemplifies, and retains them with continuous gorgeous content reinforcing this image. The customers buy into Shop B’s image, and as a result, the product.

Shop B also includes other community businesses in their social media marketing. Sometimes a post will be about visiting another shop and enjoying the community and camaraderie. These images are always very carefully curated to coordinate with the rest of Shop B’s image, but allows both companies to build community and piggyback off of each other’s audiences.

Lessons for Others

What Shop B’s successful use of content marketing has taught us is that many customers don’t want to feel like their being force fed sales. They was to relate to and be attracted to the content being provided by companies such as Shop B. Create a look that speaks for your company, and be consistent with content that fits within this brand image. This content does not have to be about the latest sale or product directly, but maybe it’s about your morning coffee, or the gorgeous local walk you went on a Sunday afternoon. Customers want to develop a relationship with the brand, and content marketing on social media is the most efficient way to achieve this.

Organization: ShopB
Industry: Fashion Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Michele Lee

Authored by: Morgan Baker

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