How Norwell Integrates Social Media Through Their Organization

h3graham    July 16, 2018

Social media is prevalent in today’s society, so much so that it is almost more noticeable if a company doesn’t use it opposed to if they do. Looking at companies as a whole and studying how they are integrating social media through their enterprise allows us to better understand not only the company but their communication.

Norwell Dairy is the largest dairy supply company in all of North America selling and servicing approx. 1700 dairy customers in Ontario. They have four locations across Ontario with the head office being in Drayton. Norwell employs just over 120 employees and communication and a social media plan is huge for them to ensure everyone is on the same page which can be done through effectively synchronizing the use of social media across the organization.

Norwell’s vision as an organization is that “By continually seeking out new and innovative products to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry, Norwell has grown into the country’s largest dairy farm design, equipment and supply company.” Norwell wants to be able to provide dairy farmers with all the daily needs required to successfully milk their cows and run a profitable operation. Being able to service customers milking equipment and provide them with the tools needed to clean and care for their equipment is very important to ensure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

It has been said that organizations are increasingly recognizing the benefits of enterprise-wide integration in the area of information technology, as they move away from legacy systems to integrated systems (often called Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems. This statement is very true for Norwell, as they have moved from basic IT systems to now have two in house IT personnel and a dynamic ERP system, NAV, as well as active on Facebook and Twitter. 

Wanting to learn more about Norwell and how they have been using integrated systems Kerry Reibeling, Director of Customer Relations was interviewed. He commented that “the Microsoft Nav (ERP system) allows Norwell as a company to track and have a much more accurate account of how our business is performing than in the past.  It is a very robust system that can handle a lot of data from different divisions of our business and allow us to sort and use the details to make business decisions.” 

Looking at Norwell’s enterprise as a whole the five functions that are important and make it run would be; marketing, human resources, employee engagement, customer service and supply management. NAV helps keep these things in check, mainly supply management and the importance of linking it to employee engagement and how employees communicate about their personal inventory on their trucks and also how the supply chain team uses NAV to track everything and communicate with our suppliers.

NAV helps keep things internally in check but it’s important to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and our website to be able to market products to customers, build brand recognition and increase sales. When Reibeling was asked about the social media at Norwell he commented; “Social Media allows Norwell to share not only product but also company information with our customers and industry partners. This allows us to keep the Norwell name in front of many people and keep our name “top of mind”.  This will help us reach both our business and sales goal.”

Social media is a major part of every business but the way Norwell utilizes it not only for brand recognition but also to help with our sales is huge. After an with interview Dirk Molenaar, Sales Manager, asking him how he feels social media helps Norwell and also where he sees the future of social media for Norwell he responded;

“Social Media is the key to future sales at Norwell. We understand that the buying process has changed. Thus an informed well appointed website will give all the proper information so our clients can make an informed decision.  

The future,  I see virtual tours and more drone type videos being a big part of our website and sales process, allowing clients to look at our facilities on there phone, or comfort of there homes. 

Even a shopping cart and check out  where there can order smaller products. 

Internal communications, is a critical component keeping the Norwell team informed and up to date. Mobile Nav gives our team the information needed to complete  a service call, customer information, and a past history. I look forward to this tool better equiping our people.”

Knowing employees see a future for Norwell in social media and have ideas of how we can move forward is very exciting and I look forward to being able to implement those.

NAV, Facebook and Twitter are all great social media tools but how does Norwell communicate internally? For those employees who don’t use NAV or Mobile NAV there are some who currently use a program called Sharepoint, a tool that helps an organization manage its internal communications, applications and information more easily. While this is a great tool to have for human resources and internal training, events and even logging hours this is where I feel there could be something better. As Molenaar mentions above we need to either move forward and use NAV to a greater extent, we need to move full force into sharepoint or we need to look into a new system all together.

Lessons for Others

Looking at Norwell as a whole enterprise and the daily activities, day to day communication, customer interaction, how our brand is portrayed to the industry social media is needed for all of this. However being able to create a social media canvas on how Norwell uses social media as a whole and all the different aspects of social media that can still be developed is very exciting. The take away of what is still to come for Norwell as a company, how they can grow, what they can still get out of social media is promising and I look forward to being able to implement these new changes.

Organization: Norwell Dairy Systems
Industry: Agriculture
Name of Organization Contact: Kerry Reibeling, Director of Customer Relations

Authored by: H3Graham

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