Family Greatly – Kraft’s way of promoting a great family

Arooj    July 4, 2018

About the company: The Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion+ brands. In 2015, the Kraft Heinz Company had 13 different brands with $500 million or more each in annual sales.

Kraft has served American families for over 100 years now. This has positioned them in a unique way where the products they offered fits into American lifestyle and the way they raise their families. Kraft Heinz are running a campaign for almost a year now supporting modern families.

Family Greatly

Kraft’s research showed that 80% of parents today feel pressured to be ‘perfect’ parents whereas 80% of the children would prefer having great parents over the perfect ones.

“There’s no one perfect way to family, as long as you’re doing it with love and conviction, we support how you family.”

says Anne Field, director of brand building for Kraft.

Kraft believes that parents don’t have to be perfect in order to be great therefore they launched a campaign called #FamilyGreatly that emphasizes that there is no wrong or right way to raise a family as long as you do it with conviction and love.

Rather than hiring professional artists or reality show families, Kraft decided to get the ‘real American families’ onboard.

“When we first identified this insight, we knew it clearly spelled out what we believe as a brand. When we shared it with families, we felt such power in this universal truth. And as mom of two young daughters and a daughter myself, I couldn’t wait to share this message.”

Anne Field, Director of Brand Building for Kraft

Kraft, as a part of its communications campaign, invites families to engage with #FamilyGreatly on social media, sharing the realities, joys and challenges of family life on @KraftBrand Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. In order to set the ball rolling, Kraft got its employees to kick start the conversation on behalf of the brand. Audience and participants will hear from these Kraft parent employees about their own genuine and heartfelt experiences.

Mother’s day:

According to a survey conducted by the Kraft, 75% of the millennial moms said that they sometimes swear in front of their kids.

“We thought, ‘This is such a great, interesting moment, and we can use it to do something that will resonate with her,”

says Michelle St Jacques, Kraft Heinz’s head of brand & innovation

The video campaign produced as a result went viral and resonated well with mothers. It generated over 4.5 million views, 70 million social impressions, and inspired over 769,000 likes, comments and retweets in just nine days.

“When I think about making sure we get to the right consumer, part of it is around data, but the other part of it is driven by really making sure you understand exactly what your consumer cares about. What I loved about that [campaign] was the reaction to it: Across social, moms were tagging each other in the content and saying, ‘That’s so you, that’s so me. That’s so us.”

Michelle St Jacques, Kraft Heinz’s head of brand & innovation

Father’s Day:

Kraft jumped the guns to celebrate father’s day and offered a very personalized cheese sculpture as a father’s day gift to its customers.

“At Kraft, we believe that you don’t have to be perfect to be great in the eyes of your kids. So for all the dads out there, we want to celebrate how you Family Greatly in our own cheesy way. Will your cheese sculpture be perfect? No. Will it be great? Absolutely (kinda like dad).”

said Anne Field, Director of Brand Building for Kraft.

The quote pretty much says it all. Customers could order a cheese sculpture couple of days in advance. Each Kraft cheese sculpture started as a 40-pound block of Kraft Sharp Cheddar Cheese and took three days from start to finish to make each sculpture.

Krafts Super Bowl contest:

Continuing with its theme of #FamilyGreatly, Krafts took the opportunity of SuperBowl and turned it into a family get together for the world to watch.

“We’re excited to give families center stage in our Super Bowl commercial. We’re calling on all families, families like yours — however you define it — to show us all the great ways you family. Because as long as you do it with love and conviction, there’s no one right way to family.”


Kraft began collecting photo and video submissions via Twitter and Instagram at 6 a.m. EST ending at 8:30 p.m. and selected the lucky winners for the ad. To submit their photos, participants used the hashtag #FamilyGreatly and #KraftEntry.

“We want to see a broad array of all the ways people ‘family’ on game day. We’re giving the stage to real families. You could be in it. No matter who you are. No matter how you ‘family.’

Anne Field, Kraft director of brand building

As a result hundreds of families submitted their entries through various social media platforms.

Krafts then turned these photographs into an ad in the real time.


Lessons for Others

Krafts has been successful in targeting its audience in a creative and emotional way. The endeavor went down well with the modern families who use Kraft products. There are a couple of lessons that all other brands can learn from Krafts’ “FamilyGreatly” campaign.

  • Listening to your customers and acting upon the collected data helps.
  • Adding value to the life of your customers will take you a long way.
  • Encouraging participation from within the community and audience is not only an organic way of increasing conversation around your brand but is a tool to stay relevant.
  • An emotional connection with your target audience can help build loyal communities.

Organization: Kraft Heinz Company
Industry: Food
Name of Organization Contact: Bernado Hees, CEO

Authored by: Arooj Prem

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