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Arooj    June 24, 2018

About Wholesome Culture

The brand was founded almost a year ago and has been making waves since then with its message of living life in balanced harmony with nature.  Wholesome culture is a fashion brand that is aimed at people who live a plant-based lifestyle. Their mission is to make cruelty-free clothing while encouraging the adoption of vegan lifestyle to help environment and save the animals.

As written on their website,

At Wholesome Culture, we want make sure our clothing is made in condition where people are safe and well-treated.

Most of the clothing we use is made in Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified factories.


New Beginnings:

Wholesome Culture is incorporating some of the strategies in their social media engagement that are working well for them.

Increasing brand awareness:

Wholesome Culture adopted viral memes and pop culture trends to spread the word about their mission and Instagram was chosen as the main tool for this. These posts attract the most traffic on their page.

They strategize these posts in a way that these are sandwiched between their content that’s directly related to the product they sell. All of these memes are not just random pick ups but are carefully curated to reflect their core beliefs.

This social media metrics induces engagement with audience in hopes of creating awareness about the brand and its mission.

Additionally, they also use picture stories and videos regarding the subject they strongly advocate. These posts also gauge a lot of engagement with their audience. Wholesome culture is also very active in replying to their customers and audience.

Sentiment on posts:

A quick glance at their posts showed that their audience have a positive sentiment towards their cause and endeavors. Like-minded people passionately engage with them on similar topics. Their Facebook page shows that they usually reply within a day to the messages received. This is something that can be further improved but it can mean deploying more resources which can sometimes be difficult for a new business.

Attribution of tags:

Their hashtags are directly related to the theme of the brand and what they believe in. This helps the right audience to find them and interact with them. Having relevant hashtag increases their chances of being featured in the search results.

Interests of the target audience:

The brand regularly features videos of vegan recipes and images of vegan food for the consumption of their followers and audience in general. Although it can come across as a strange thing for a clothing brand to post such videos but this shows their knowledge about their audience demographic.

It is a not hidden from anyone that finding appetizing vegan recipes can be a challenge for a lot of individuals who are on plant-based diets. Such posts show that Wholesome Culture knows their target audience very well and cater to that aspect as well. This has many benefits like attracting new audience and encouraging engagement with the existing one.

Buzz by Social Channels:

In today’s competitive market, making your brand stand out can be a challenge. Collaborating with other social media channels/personalities and sharing content with them is one of the most popular way of gaining brand exposure and increasing audience base. Wholesome Culture is exploring this avenue to maximize their impact in market.

Brands can reap huge benefits from collaborating with someone who is complementary and has similar values and target audience.



Lessons for Others

Some of the lessons that businesses can learn from Wholesome Culture are,

  1. Create your own fan base: This is crucial for any business to thrive that they create their own loyal community. Engagement is a key to this and being open to feedback is also an important aspect.
  2. Don’t be afraid to integrate your core values and beliefs in your social media channel. This will give a unique personality to your account.
  3. Social media collaboration with complementary partners can prove to be beneficial for both parties. It not only helps in boosting the exposure but can result in possible business leads.
  4. Your social media account feed doesn’t always have to be about the product you are selling. Adding other bits and pieces of interest to your audience can be highly beneficial as well. This will not only render your channel as having a personality but also give a human feel to it.

Organization: Wholesome Culture
Industry: Fashion Industry
Name of Organization Contact: Audrey Castonguay, Founder

Authored by: Arooj Prem

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