Rebirth creates a community of engagement

carlacalderon    June 4, 2018

Rebirth Wellness Centre was founded in London, Ontario and it has done incredible work at making every centre user an advocate¬† “rebirth’s vision is to be a village where parents-to-be and new parents get what they need in mind, body, and heart to really thrive as parents.”. It is this clear path that has fueled the growth Rebirth making it the spot every mom and mom-to-be recommends.

Rebirth is very active on social media. They have an Instagram account @rebirthwellness as well as a twitter feed, a blog and a facebook group. The team does an incredible job of using all of the tools to send their followers pertinent information about events and offerings at the centre as well as community events and products they support.

Lessons for Others

When social media tools are used in harmony to complement the message and enable a broader range of delivery the results on a small business can be incredible.

Organization: Rebirth
Industry: Wellness
Name of Organization Contact: Jodi, Founder

Authored by: Carla Calderon

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