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mbaker    June 3, 2018

LoYoBo Fit is a fitness program run by Courtney McCarthy in Guelph, ON. LoYoBo Fit, standing for Love Your Body Fitness, is about exercise and activity that promotes body positivity, healthy living, building self esteem, and having fun. Classes range from fun and energetic cardio like Zumba, to strength building exercises like Tone & Flex, to relaxing stretching and flexibility like Mind/Body Unwind. There are options for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Courtney uses social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) as standard practice to communicate with her customers. Often, these engagements consist of Facebook Live informative webinars, motivational quotes, marketing images, as well as posts in which LoYoBo Fit features a customer.

I asked Courtney (personal communication, June 3, 2018) how she utilized LoYoBo Fit’s social media to engage customers, and she ever so eloquently provided the following;

To engage customer and prospective clients, I purposefully include a lot of photos and videos that are both action-oriented (i.e., movement, class footage, etc.) and show a diverse set of body types – including real clients! It is important both as a personal value and branding strategy that people see themselves in my branding and social media (whether literally or figuratively). I use it as a tool to celebrate their successes and membership. And also a tool to hold them accountable, motivate them, and inspire them to keep pushing (use of motivational quotes, reminders, etc).

LoYoBo Fit goes beyond this to directly engage with customers. Courtney frequently uses Facebook polls to get feedback from her audience regarding preferred class formats, scheduling, and LoYoBo merchandise options. Most recently, she has developed an interactive month long campaign, Summer Fun Bingo, to motivate and involve clients.

June’s month long Summer Fun Bingo is a standard 5×5 bingo sheet in which customers can complete squares by attending specific fitness classes, make healthy living choices, and engage in LoYoBo Fit’s social media. Completing a line on the sheet results in a prize from a pool of prizes provided by a number of businesses in Guelph as well as from LoYoBo itself. This a clever tactic in which to motivate customers with prizes, encourage participation and to have customers engage with LoYoBo Fit outside of the classes themselves.

Lessons for Others

LoYoBo Fit provides an exceptional example as to how to use social media to develop a relationship with customers and keep them engaged. The integration of customers directly in LoYoBo’s marketing and online presence develops a lasting bond with customers that brings them back for more as well as encouraging word of mouth promotion. The more direct use of Facebook polls and events such as the Summer Fun Bingo rewards customers for their engagement and creates a positive memorable experience which is likely to result in growth for the business.

Organization: LoYoBo Fit
Industry: Fitness
Name of Organization Contact: Courtney McCarthy

Authored by: Morgan Baker

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