Lexus Breaks the Mold with their Beyond Utility Campaign

lindafianderwalsh    June 6, 2018

Newspapers and magazines are flooded with vehicle ads, and they tend to fall into the “dime a dozen category”.  Vehicle ads are also commonplace on TV in the evening, and in particular on the weekend.  Many ads are essentially the same – oh, hum, time to have a cat nap during the commercial again.  One luxury car brand broken the mold for ads, and they’ve done it on a new channel, social media.   Yes, Lexus turned to social media to reach out and engage over 11 million Facebook users in unique and innovative ways.

Through user profile data mining Lexus was able to better understand their different consumer segments and, as part of the Lexus Beyond Utility campaign, create 1,000 separate FB ads targeted at these different groups. In this way the company ensured the ads resonated with end consumers. This allowed individual consumers to see versions of the ad that would be more likely to entice purchase.


Lessons for Others

The results Lexus received from this campaign were amazing.  While a TV or magazine ad can literally reach millions, it does so with a one size fits all, ineffective and costly methodology.  The reach and engagement Lexus was able to attain through the Beyond Utility Facebook campaign (over 11 million FB users, over 10 million views) demonstrates that creative marketers can develop advertising that really entertains and speaks to consumers.

Industry: Consumer goods - cars
Name of Organization Contact: Mark Templin, Group Vice President and General Manager

Authored by: Linda Fiander Walsh

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