Jennifer Lopez sells her look online

carlacalderon    June 27, 2018

Jennifer Lopez has been a fashion icon for many generations. Her unique style has been consistently used as a “must have” from casual days to re carpets. She decided to finally create her own line to enable all women to have the “jlo glow” look. “We could not have asked for a better partner than Jennifer. She is a true beauty visionary,” says Grzegorz Inglot, Vice President of US Operations for Inglot. “In addition to having great style, Jennifer is also quite a beauty expert herself. After years of working with the best in the business, she has unique insight into what women want as well as which products are necessary to create that beautiful glow that she made famous.”

The most impressive part is that Jennifer has partnered to sell her line entirely online with Inglot. she has been so brilliant in her ability to connect with all her fans and to use her fame to reach a massive base of potential customers.

Jennifer Lopez used her Instagram account @Jlo with over 76 million followers to help develop, introduce, teach and sell her makeup line. She creates stories and posts of her wearing the makeup, teaching her fans how to best use the different tools and its neat “Freedom System Palette—which allows you to create your own personalised palette with the specific colours and products that you need. Now you no longer have to buy that 5-piece eyeshadow kit to get the one colour you really want!”

Jennifer Lopez is not the first artist to use instagram to communicate a project. Many actors do when new movies are coming out, and actors such as the Rock have partnered with big brands like under armour to reach, connect and expand their customer base. Having Jennifer design, sell and use her line, enables a brand like Inglot to reach a new customer, to connect them to a celebrity their would otherwise never be able to.

Since the launch, many fans have posted their videos of tutorials of using the products. Even Jlo posted videos of all the “freebies” she sent to all her celebrity friends, who then added their reviews and regrammed the information to reach outside of her initial fanbase. The makeup line is booming and hashtags are being promoted and developed to continue to reach and awareness of the brand.

Lessons for Others

Instagram is proving to be the new sources for advertisements. The potential is endless as the tool could drown in the access of big data it has. Since the social media tool is free, its ability to gather information and sell it is endless. Can you recall the last time you searched something on your computer and then your mobile device sent you a notification about it? Or when you purchased some shoes and then Instagram offered you some suggestions of similar shoes to consider? It is all a business opportunity. Every movement. Every Keystroke.

Organization: Jennifer Lopez Inglot
Industry: Online Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Grzegorz Inglot, VP of Inglot USA

Authored by: Carla Calderon

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