It All Revolves Around You

h3graham    June 12, 2018

DeLaval is the worldwide leader in milking equipment and solutions for dairy farmers, which make sustainable food production possible, ensuring milk quality and animal health. DeLaval was found more than 130 years ago in Sweden. Today DeLaval has 4,500 employees and operates in more than 100 countries.

DeLaval sells alot of milking equipment including but not limited too, the VMS; voluntary milking systems robot, rotaries, parlours, milk meters to name a few. In the ever changing dairy industry its important to stay up to date with the last innovations and keep the customers engaged and intrigued with what you have to offer them. When purchasing a new barn or milking system it is a huge investment that is not made over night and customers want to make sure they are getting the best of the best for their cows.


DeLaval launched a new ‘mystery‘ social media campaign on March 29th and advertisements are running digitally in the US and Canada. The campaign has been seen all over Facebook and Twitter through sponsored ads and direct ads to customers and followers. The main message of this campaign is ‘here comes the future of dairy farming’ and ‘it all revolves around you’.  This campaign is a teaser campaign telling customers there are new innovations and products coming out but they don’t share what they are. This helps keep customers engaged in the conversation and sign up for emails and future newsletter so they can be the first to know!

To get a better understanding of this campaign and DeLaval’s reasoning behind it I contacted Jason French; Sales Solution Specialist to get his view on the recent campaign.

In these times, people have access to the most up-to-date information on all products available to purchase in every business however not knowing the exact information of a product can be intriguing. DeLaval wanted to create a buzz in the industry that will last longer than just unveiling a new product. It was designed to get people talking about what the product would be plus what it can do. When the first social media post came out with the campaign, the survey was taken on what of the five products were possibly coming. Once again, keep people thinking that with the vast lineup from DeLaval that the new product could come from any part of our lineup. While continuing to add different angles to the suspense, we added real people that tested our products so people know that it is currently working therefore just not something off the assembly line. It is out there, it is real! The “It all revolves around you” shows that DeLaval has listened to produce a product that will work for the current dairy farm. Whatever the new innovation is, it has been developed to revolve around the needs of the dairy farmer. We have certainly been pleased on how intrigued people are about the new innovation coming and when it is released, people will comment that they guessed right but others will be pleasantly surprised with the end result. Suspense, anticipation, curiosity and overall excitement of the new DeLaval Innovation Journey has been a great success up to this point.”

After speaking with Jason and hearing the excitement with this new campaign its intriguing to see how it will all play out. Social media is so huge in today’s society that using it to target specific audiences is key. Delaval has programmed it so that every person that clicks on the link for the newsletter or to sign up for the emails will now see DeLaval ads on all webpages they open; the weather network, facebook, twitter,  and news websites, if you have clicked on their link they will now target to get as many messages across to you as possible. The first innovation will be released at the end of June and shown live for the first time at the Outdoor Farm Show in September.

Lessons for Others

Doing a mystery campaign is not your normal way of going about things but it definitely has its marketing perks. Using social media to entice people by drawing them in and have them wanting to ‘be the first to know’ is very smart. Having people sign up for emails and newsletter not only lets you gain their contact information for future marketing but it also allows you to see what customers are guessing the new items are and what they want them to be. Every company wants their newest innovations to be well received and getting direct input from customers is the easiest way to do this.

‘It all revolves around you’ is a great campaign slogan as they are showing the customers all their thought and ideas on their newest innovations are based directly on the customer and making things as easy as possible for them.


Industry: Agriculture
Name of Organization Contact: Jason French, Sales Solution Specialist

Authored by: H3Graham

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