FabFitFun Using Influencers’ to help Sell their boxes

h3graham    June 26, 2018

FabFitFun was founded in 2010, has approximately 50 employees and is based out of Los Angeles, California. FabFitFun is a lifestyle brand inspiring women to lead a happier, healthier life.  The company sends a monthly selection of curated, full-size products across lifestyle categories including beauty, health, fitness, technology, and home. Members can go online and choose to sign up for one box or the subscription which gets them a box every season; four times a year in March, June, September and December. FabFitFun has shipped millions of boxes to women across the US and Canada and also offers online content about various products including tutorials.

Being a subscription you sign up for there is no physical store, everything is done online and because of social media being so prominent in today’s society companies like this are thriving.

FabFitFun currently has over 674,000 followers on Facebook,  143,000 followers on Twitter, 146,000 followers on Pinterest and over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Social media is HUGE for FabFitFun and they utilize it multiple times a day to reach new customers, engage with the ones they have and make sure their customers are happy with their products. After a conversation with Tyrone, Customer Care Manager with FabFitFun she commented; “Social Media is a very powerful tool because it allows us to connect or reach out to millions of women from different walks of life. We partner with different influencers who post their reviews of our boxes online, which really helps us in terms of attracting new customers who want to try our boxes out!”

Being an online subscription it’s important to utilize ‘influencers’ as Tyrone mentioned to help reach as many women as possible. One way they have done this is through JoJo Fletcher and Instagram.  Joelle Fletcher has over 2.2 million followers on instagram, more than FabFitFun themselves and by her being an ambassador of the product she can promote it for them.

In addition to using influencers they also have an online group/forum members can signup on and identify any issues they may be having along with things they like which helps FabFitFun improve.  Tyrone mentions that “Essentially, social media helps us get more customers through influencers and retain customers by providing them an avenue where they can share some feedbacks, which we use to identify key areas of improvements to give our members the best FabFitFun experience!


While it’s great to have all of these avenues how do they tell how they are doing, how well the boxes are being received and if anyone wants to buy them?? After looking into their social media metrics you can see in the image below through google trends that they tend to have an increase just before their seasonal boxes are released. Right now boxes are released four times a year and it looks like they have an increase of traffic just before each release…which make sense. They probably increase their posts, advertisements, sponsored ads to get as many people to buy the boxes as possible therefore driving more traffic to the site.


Lessons for Others

Being a company in today’s society with social media being such a big part of marketing, it’s important to understand what it’s doing for you and how it can help/hinder. Being on Facebook  and having a page for customers to ‘like’ you are able to use the ‘insights’ page to view how many likes you received in a week and how many new followers you have, similar to instagram and twitter. Social media metrics are simple and should be kept simple…use them to understand how you are doing as a company, how your products are being received and how you can improve. If one month you loose followers take a look at what you did different or maybe what you should have done in order to keep customers engaged, interested and wanting to buy your product.

Organization: Fab Fit Fun
Industry: Online Retail/ Subscription Box
Name of Organization Contact: Tyrone, Customer Care Manager

Authored by: H3Graham

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