Bocas take the metrics to sell

carlacalderon    June 28, 2018

The owners of Bocas Group are 3 Venezuelans with a passion for food. Levin, Cesar and Mauricio each bring their own experiences to the group. From culinary excellence, marketing expertise and a passion to grow enable this group to have started in 2014 with the first Bocas Grill and currently waiting to open their 7th location in el Doral this year.

The success they have had is fueled by the incredible digital marketing efforts of the brand. They have mastered the concept of “food porn” in their multiple Instagram posts. Both the bocas grill (478,000 followers) and bocas house (273,000 followers) brands have their own Instagram accounts, which feature their patrons celebrating fun occasions, new menu additions and the most liked the showing of “seasonal” crazy milkshakes.

The Bocas group has mastered using an iconic milkshake which requires some innovative thinking to eat in order to create a consistent expectation of awe when desert time arrives. Of their close to a million followers on Instagram those videos are spread and watched all over the world. In fact, inspiring the milkshakes to become staples in many other countries and establishments.

The new trend that is booming of restaurants using social media to reach their potential customers, get feedback and react to it has really enabled the “customer’s voice” to have such power. In particular, social media enables restaurants to reach customers well outside the local geography. It can now expand its reach potential to seek, find and motivate customers┬áto be inspired to visit a restaurant as a destination. I know people (including myself) that made trips to Miami and planned their schedule to visit the Bocas location based on my following them on Instagram. People can then post pictures at the restaurant, tag the restaurant and some friends and inspire a new wave of referral. Brilliant restaurants are even taking the time to respond to messages, tags and shares which results in the customer feeling unique, appreciated and valued.

Lessons for Others

The Bocas Group has put as much attention to the inhouse details of ensuring their food is innovative, exciting and consistent and selling it all. The image of the Bocas brand to all that have visited and those who watch it from afar thanks to the reach social media gives is one of celebrity and awe. When you finally make it to any of the restaurants, the familiarity with the people that work there and the decour immediately make you feel like you have been there before. It is a sense of preparation, where you enter the location and know what you are going to order and how you think it is going to look and most of all that you are going to be at your best so you can share your pictures and stories for all to see.

Organization: Bocas group
Industry: Food
Name of Organization Contact: Levin De Grazia, Partner

Authored by: Carla Calderon

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