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h3graham    May 28, 2018

Taking your kids to school, enjoying paid vacations and quitting your ‘full time’ job to run a business from your phone is something that is only possible in today’s society and because of the power of social media. Everything USANA does “aims to help you love life and live it”. At USANA Health Sciences their mission is to provide families with the highest quality, science-based health products. They are more than just vitamins; they are health and beauty products as well as weight loss management.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are huge for companies such as Usana and being able to reach all your current and potential customers with one single post. When you decide to become a sales associate with Usana there are tools and resources such as The Hub, What’s Up Usana and Social Pro to help you reap the most rewards and become as successful as possible. The Hub is used for associates and preferred customers to log on and ask questions and visit the ‘communication edge’ which is premade social media posts along with images and tools to use.

What’s Up Usana has been “8 years in the making with 30 contributors and over 6 million views.” It contains product information, social media digital downloads, how-tos as well as corporate social media.

Social Pro is for Usana associates who want to take their business to the next level and need help from social media. They can pay a fee each year to get free images, personalized posts, custom tabs, monthly blogs etc. If you are not someone who is familiar with social media yet your customers are looking for new posts from you, social pro would be very helpful.

Having these tools available to you makes it easier to be prominent on social media and reach your highest potential with the company.


Lessons for Others

The lessons that Usana are teaching and have taught their associates is that even though social media is a huge platform there are still ways to feel connected and communicate with each other through the hub and other facebook groups. Working for such a large organization can be tough and make you feel like just another number or another employee but being able to learn from other associates and grow from the tools provided is extremely valuable.

Industry: Online Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Holly Cochrane, Sales Associate

Authored by: H3Graham

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