TVibes Uses Facebook to Increase Downloads by Nearly 50%

Rick Andrade    March 5, 2018

TVibes saw the glut of video sharing/storing/streaming sites and decided they wanted to create a new way for users to share their video. In addition to giving users unlimited video storage, TVibes, lets users create, what amounts to, their own TV channels. Users can upload their videos to a controlled audience, which can include family members and friends for personal videos, or the general public for anything else they’d rather share.

“Users who are looking to enjoy near-live content from specific locations or on specific subjects can browse TVibes by location or hashtag and discover fun video feed with live-content from sports events, concerts, or cool landmark locations, but we aren’t looking to address the same market as other livestreaming apps. Instead of live broadcasting video and then having it disappear, TVibes acts more like a VOD for your life,” — Co-founders Gilad Carni and Uri Schneider.

Promoting TVibes on Social Media

TVibes started life as a free app available for iOS (with Android coming later.) As with most free apps, the biggest hurdle is getting attention. The free cost provides no barrier in terms of price, so the company’s main goal is to get users to the App Store to try it for themselves.

The company turned to Facebook to get the word out. They made use of mobile app install ads — an ad system designed specifically for mobile users which will show them ads for mobile apps, linking directly to the app ecosystem they are currently using, and making the process extremely easy. They also utilized lookalike audiences, which are created by Facebook based on sources uploaded from the company — serving up the app as a result to people who share the same characteristics of recent visitors.

Results from Facebook Activity

Thanks to the specific metrics that can be provided by Facebook, as well as the results that can be gleaned from the app downloads, TVibes were able to find that they had:

  • 50% of new app installs driven by Facebook
  • 10% higher loyalty and conversion from those installs
  • 20% higher engagement rates from Facebook users

Our Facebook advertising proved to be by far the most effective way to reach users, both in terms of cost per install and, more importantly, higher engagement rates.” – Uri Schneider, co-founder & CEO, TVibes

Lessons for Others

Thanks to the metrics provided by social media platforms, TVibes were able to target their activities to hit the exact demographic that they learned would benefit most from their app. By capitalizing on the social aspects of social media, they can use the information that users have willingly given to Facebook to make sure the promotion of their app would be optimized to get the best results.

Organization: TVibes
Industry: Video Storage
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Authored by: Rick Andrade

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