Snickers using Social Media

Timea    March 26, 2018

Some chocolate lovers are easy targets for many chocolate distributors. But how does a company successfully compete with hundreds of different chocolate bars on the market? A chocolate company may have to develop new products like new flavours to continue to increase sales. Some companies like Snickers stick to their original flavours that the world loves. The classic Snickers has continued to promote their quality chocolate bars and continues to increase sales and brand awareness.

Snickers is owned by Mars and has a long history with 5 principles that they promote on their website. The 5 principles that the company follows are; Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Freedom and Efficiency. Snickers is able to effectively build their chocolate empire based on their 5 principles.

Because Snickers has a complete vision as an organization, they can successfully use social media to benefit the company. Connecting different functions of the organization can ensure that all principles are met on a daily basis. Snickers is well known for their commercials and catchy slogans. The marketing content that they produce connects with their customers and create a high level of brand awareness. It is very important for a company like Snickers to stand out from other chocolate bar companies, which they have done. By using social media platforms like twitter they have opportunity to connect with customers and promote their product. Their slogan from commercials is now used on social media as a hashtag; #EATASNICKERS. They connect with customers on social media by working with different communities, causes and holidays but still keeping their content interesting enough to encourage interaction. The Snickers website looks to be a social media theme with tab names displayed as hashtags and the home page filled with photos, gifs and videos promoting the brand.

Snickers not only promotes their chocolate and brand on social media platforms but they also express beliefs in their marketing responsibility and verification of supply chains. A third-party supplier risk assessment is used to help the company prevent any infringement of human rights. A management system is put in place to prevent any type of violation. Snickers also ensures that the ingredients that they use in their products are safe and sourced responsibly.

To ensure that employees are also responsibly participating in the vision, training is provided for different function areas of the company. A course that is provided to certain employees is called Responsible Sourcing. This course provides employees with knowledge on Human Rights and suppliers. Having trained employees in specific areas creates strategy formulation.

Lessons for Others

It is beneficial for a company to use their whole company vision to create a social media strategy. Providing opportunity for the whole organization to communicate and work towards the same goal will allow each stage of a goal to be fully understood throughout the organization. If a company believes that their product provides quality satisfaction to customers  through all stages then that should be promoted strategically.  Overall, it is important for all individuals in different areas of the company to take responsibility and work together towards for the companies vision and goals.

Organization: Snickers
Industry: Candy
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Authored by: Timea

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