Magnet Forensics Is Looking to Social Media to Improve Engagement Across the Enterprise

Rick Andrade    March 26, 2018

Magnet Forensics is a leading provider of digital forensics technology. Basically, if you’re a criminal and you’ve used a smartphone or a computer at any time, the police can search through your devices and find evidence, whether that be photos, videos, web history, chats, or GPS coordinates — even if you think you’ve deleted it. The company has grown quickly since its foundation in 2011, and in 2018, is looking at how to take its communication with its customers and employees to the next level.

How to Have a Conversation with Customers

Working within the digital forensics space, Magnet Forensics has a unique challenge: talking to an audience that is very savvy and hating anything that comes off as inauthentic. The forensics community often goes to Twitter for real-time research, debate, and advice. And it is because of this that Magnet Forensics will invest in not only promoting its own software, but will provide thought leadership and helpful tips and tricks that can help whether you’re a customer or not.

All of this activity will create trust with their followers and will ensure that their activities are amplified and appreciated throughout their social networks, creating a rippling effect throughout the community. They plan on tracking the traffic back to their content using Google Analytics, to see what in particular resonates with followers. Warren Pamukoff, a Marketing Manager at Magnet says: “Credibility is key within the forensics community, and the only way for Magnet’s social activities to carry any weight is to make sure that there’s a real dialogue that’s actually providing value to the online community.”

These activities can also be helpful for Magnet’s many partners and resellers around the world. Helping them keep up to date with what’s new within the company and allowing them to have the most current information possible when selling to their own customers.

Bringing Employees Into the Conversation

Because of the worldwide growth Magnet has experienced, the company needs to ensure that they’re keeping employees connected — despite wildly varying time zones. The company plans to implement an intranet in the near future that allows for not only file sharing and project planning, but real-time updates from social activities around the world — giving employees a view no matter where they are.

Lessons for Others

With Company Growth, So to Goes Social Media Growth

When a company is only a dozen or so people, it’s very easy for communications to be centralized. A simple shout across the floor can keep everyone in the company up to speed and one person can share simple updates on social media to attract new followers. But after a period of growth, it’s important that the company takes stock to make sure that they’re able to communicate and engage effectively with the ever-growing audience.

Organization: Magnet Forensics
Industry: Software
Name of Organization Contact: Warren Pamukoff, Marketing Manager

Authored by: Rick Andrade

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