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Timea    March 12, 2018

DoTERRA is a company that is known for selling essential oils and other related products. The company was founded in 2008 in Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States. The name doTERRA comes from a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth”. DoTERRA is a multi-level marketing company that involves direct marketing and referrals. Multi-level marketing is directed at individuals to sell and promote the brand instead of the company only using mass marketing. These individuals are called “Wellness Advocates” that work for doTERRA and usually use the products as any other customer.

DoTERRA customers are also employees which directly benefit the company. Not only does doTERRA use their employees as brand ambassadors but doTERRA also uses social media for brand awareness by creating profiles on multiple social media platforms. Profiles that doTERRA manages are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. These social media platforms are used to promote new products, reviews, production, handling, benefits etc. DoTERRA can also legitimize their brand by using social media because any person that may be interested in the product and wants to learn more has multiple social media platforms to choose from.

Since different demographics tend to use different types of social media platforms doTERRA uses multiple platforms to promote their products. Multiple platforms allow reach to a wide range of people which helps generate sales.

Evidently, these social media platforms are also used for marketing content. DoTERRA’s marketing content on social media platforms promotes products, initiates engagement and builds relationships with their current customers and new potential customers. If a current or potential customer has a product related question doTERRA can be reached from any platform.

On Twitter content marketing is used to discuss events that can take place in local communities and globally, for an example the 2018 Winter Olympics. Using this type of event for content marketing is beneficial for a company because the content can reach a  great scale of customers locally or globally. DoTERRA also promotes brand awareness through content marketing by creating give away campaigns that encourage customers to engage with the content shared. DoTERRA also retweets customer posts which help encourage customer loyalty. Instagram and Facebook accounts allows doTERRA to stay on top of customer’s minds. YouTube is also used to promote DoTERRA’s products in depth; content consists of product information and tips in a creative format.

Lessons for Others

Overall, even a company that is a multi-level marketer with brand ambassadors will still benefit from using social media. Using the right type of social media platforms that are used by the targeted demographic will enhance the marketing structure. Creating exciting and interesting content will more likely provide opportunities to generate new customers and sales. A final note; doTERRA is also a great example of supply chain management.

Organization: doTERRA
Industry: Essential Oil Multi-level Marketing
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