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Timea    March 5, 2018

Marriott International is a successful global Hotel Industry that has over 5000 hotels around the world. Just in the United States there are over 1000 different Marriott locations. With so many locations and customers, Marriott is always being talked about so they started tracking the conversations. Marriott uses social media for business performance in many ways. One major way Marriott uses social media for business performance is by software programs the track online activity. A software program that has been beneficial for Marriott is called HYP3R, a geo-social marketing platform.

There are many different online platforms available for companies to successfully track and manage their social media activity, engagement and revenue. Marriott has decided to use a platform called HYP3R. This platform allows them to analyse social media activity globally, engage with customers globally and analyse customer data. This platform allows Marriott to track customer interaction, activity and return metrics. The only posts that they can engage with are publicly published posts. For an example, on a mobile if a customer has their location settings turn on Marriott can view where the post came from and they can act on it and generate customer engagement.

In Bethesda, Maryland, Marriott’s head quarters, a team of employees are responsible for tracking Marriott mentions from around the world. This team tracks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and looks for positive content to engage with and encourage customers. They receive alerts when they are mentioned at hundreds of different locations and try to keep up with as many posts as possible. The team is provided with multiple screens to keep up with the hundreds of daily posts. This team is called the M Live team and they reach out to any customer that may be mentioning a Marriott location around the world. This team works around the clock to make the best of this platform. This process allows Marriott International to ensure their customers that they are valued. For an example, a customer that got engaged at a Nashville resort posted a picture of their engagement and the M Live Team responded by sending them a complimentary bottle of champagne to celebrate. Customers that intentionally add a location to their public posts usually want people to view their post and this is why Marriott has decided to use this type of metrics as an opportunity to engage with their customers. The more they engage with customers the more customers will feel valued and satisfied with their purchase.


Lessons for Others

Working with platforms that track different types of engagement is beneficial for many companies. Tracking positive engagement and acting on it encourages customers to continue to engage with the company. Tracking trends, activity, interaction and location are just a few simple ways a company can benefit from social media metrics.

Organization: Marriott International
Industry: Hospitality Industry
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Authored by: Timea J

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