The Goofie Newfie, from Newfoundland with love.

nshailes    February 26, 2018

The Goofie Newfie Pub and Grill in Fergus Ontario, is an amazing small town pub bringing the distinct feel of Newfoundland to the heart of Ontario. From the Fisherman (wood carved statue) greeting you when you first walk in, to the boats hanging from the ceiling, the warm feel of “Newfie” hospitality is engrained in this one of a kind pub. Don’t let the “small town pub” fool you, the feel and homeliness is not the only thing they bring “to the table“ from Newfoundland.

Offering amazing Newfoundland delicacies, their menu attracts a wide variety of customers. Such dishes as “Newfie Steak” (deep fried bologna), “Jigs Dinner” and on occasion Lobsters caught off the coast of Nova Scotia. From first timers wanting to experience everything Newfoundland has to offer (without the flight) to the regulars who keep coming back for the amazing dishes, “The Newf” continues to deliver day in day out.

So how do they continue to offer such an extensive menu when some of the ingredients can only be sourced in Newfoundland? This is where supply chain management comes in, using social media resources, they continue to offer their high level of customer service each and every day.

“Social Media” seems to be a tough term to define these days, so lets clear the air. “There isn’t a generally accepted definition and opinions would include narrow, which would be restricted to popular public tools (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and broader, including any form of online communications (email, Yammer, SharePoint etc.)” says Professor Peter Carr from the University of Waterloo.

Through the use of Social Media the Newf is able to source a number of products from all over Canada which are invaluable to their business. By using Facebook they were able to reach out to fishermen in the fishing town of Five Islands, Nova Scotia. From there they were able to build a relationship with the guys from Lobster World that now sees The Newf receiving Lobsters caught in the morning in Nova Scotia, then flown to Ontario, ending up on your plate in Fergus that evening. In Addition to their menu, their Live music is one of their biggest features. Using Facebook and Twitter they are able to reach out to a number of bands from all over Ontario. “We draw talent from all over Ontario, the Newf is a big party destination on a Friday and Saturday Night.” Says Goofie Newfie Owner Bec Obrien. “using our social media we are able to not only contact, but advertise and promote previous Live bands which attracts new exciting acts to The Newf.” Through their use of their social media promotions The Newf has bands contacting them regularly hoping to secure a spot to perform on any given Friday or Saturday night.

With The Newf being a Pub we can not forget the impact supply chain management has on their alcohol supply. By connecting with a company in Oakville through facebook, they are able to stock Newfoundland’s own Iceberg range of Liquors. Icebergs rum and gin are not readily available to the public in Ontario through the LCBO. So how do icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland make it to your glass in Fergus? This is where supply chain comes in.

Iceberg announced in early 1995 that it would be producing ultra-premium vodka made from harvested icebergs and triple-distilled neutral grain spirits made from Ontario sweet corn. In July the first “growlers” (small icebergs which have broken off larger ones) are collected using barges and tugboats. “These massive and majestic pieces of ice are comprised of water frozen for tens of thousands of years, long before industrial pollution, naturally preserving the purest source of water on the planet.” Once the annual harvest is complete and the ice is melted down to water, they blend it with their triple distilled spirit [made from Ontario sweet corn], at their blending and bottling facility in St. John’s Newfoundland, creating a uniquely smooth Canadian liquor.

Iceberg’s Liquor is then shipped to Kirkwood Diamond Canada in Oakville, an importer and distributor of beverage alcohol brands from around the world. Kirkwood Diamond use their computerized internal sales and shipment control systems, which provide monthly reports on sales by store by brand, market share data, distribution, and market trends by industry segment to distribute their product by providing high value through honest and exceptional service. By using Kirkwood Diamond in their supply chainThe Newf have been able to literally offer “A taste of Newfoundland” here in Ontario. “By offering this unique range of Iceberg Liquors, we (The Newf) are providing our customers with a product that is quintessentially Newfie”

Lessons for Others

The Goofie Newfie successfully uses social media and social platforms to keep its supply chain informed and as a tool for collaboration. Their use of Facebook keeps their customers in the know, while also providing them with a platform to share feedback and better understand the company’s culture. At the same time, The Newf’s social tools allow for its supply chain to have better visibility into customer preferences, processes and activity planning.

Organization: The Goofie Newfie
Industry: Pub and Grill
Name of Organization Contact: Bec Obrien, Owner

Authored by: Nick Shailes

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