New York Mets Embrace Social Media

jpritchard    February 14, 2018

Major League Baseball has been around since the late 1800’s and the New York Mets were born in 1962. But that hasn’t guaranteed that the next generation of fans are ready to jump onboard and younger people today are less likely to follow baseball than the generations before them. Enter social media. Teams are using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other online communication channels to engage their fans and promote their players, creating the link between their brand and their customer. Years ago, getting an autograph from your favourite player may have been the ultimate thrill, now it’s getting him to like your tweet.

Improving social engagement is a cost effective way to expand the fan base and the New York Mets have been actively connected with their fans through social media since 2011. While older fans may only need a pencil and a scorecard to enjoy a ballgame,  younger fans need to be connected digitally. The their “Social Media Clubhouse” is a comprehensive directory of the different ways to access content.

The team held a “Social Media Night” this past June 30, and among some of the in-game promotions involved Twitter, a “retweet to win” contest where the winner was granted the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game the next evening. Another was a scavenger hunt, where they share a prize and location on Snapchat, and the first person to find it wins the prize. Covering pre-game batting practice on Facebook Live gives fans the opportunity to be up close to their favorite players.

The New York Mets have taken it one step further by promoting “Social Media Day” at their home park Citi Field. Special ticket packages have included:

  1. A pre-game Q & A session with players and broadcasters.
  2. Reserved seat in the left field bleachers.
  3. Food and beverage voucher.
  4. Prize drawings and giveaways.

Lessons for Others

The Mets have consistently ranked as one of the top teams in Major League Baseball in terms of social media involvement with their fans. “The wins and losses you can’t control. You can control the fan experience,” said David Newman, the Mets’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. Even though professional baseball as been in existence before the radio, television or certainly mobile phones, teams stay current by recognizing and taking advantage of everything social media has to offer. The video below has new Mets Manager Mickey Callaway voicing his enthusiasm for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.

Organization: New York Mets
Industry: Professional Sports/Major League Baseball
Name of Organization Contact: David Newman, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Authored by: J Pritchard

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