Energy Company Fuelling Employee Involvement

Timea    February 5, 2018

A great way to generate successful employee involvement and motivation is to promote everything employees love. Most employees love their water cooler talk and that is why UPI Energy FS created an online platform for employees to communicate daily, from different cities, offices, cubicles and even their homes.

UPI Energy FS created this intranet platform and called it the Employee Pipeline. Employees can discuss their Customer Service accomplishments, projects in Operations, events in Marketing and Retail promotions. Everyone knows what the “Pipeline” is, where to find it and how to use it. Pictures and comments motivate employees to share and communicate on a daily basis. This platform is extremely beneficial to new employees, who are getting to know the company and all it has to offer. The platform also serves as an HR Department, providing vacation forms, a Staff Directory, Company Calendars and Corporate Wear orders, which is always at the employees finger tips.

Lessons for Others

Because the platform is user friendly, everyone has the same opportunity to share their content, anything from company updates to traffic updates for the way home. This platform has created a sense of community in many ways and is always the first page to be opened in the morning.

Organization: UPI Energy FS
Industry: Fuel Company
Name of Organization Contact: John Canjar, Director of Marketing and Sales

Authored by: Timea J

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