Bling Mac

Timea    February 12, 2018

What do you get when you mix a burger promotion and Valentine’s Day? You get a “Bling Mac”. What are the first two things that come to mind when you think Valentine’s Day? Would it be food and jewellery? Movies and flowers? In most cases, the trend on Valentine’s Day involves food and jewellery. This year McDonald’s has decided to stay on top of consumers’ minds during Valentine’s Day.

McDonald’s has come up with a Valentine’s Day Customer Engagement promotion that involves everything Valentine’s Day is made of; Social Media, jewellery and now burgers. People tend to lean towards jewellery and restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In most cases, fast food restaurants are not the first thought on Valentine’s Day . The Media usually promotes fancy restaurants, home cooking or jewellery for Valentines Day rather than going to a fast food restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

This year, McDonald’s has fascinated their customers with the new “Bling Mac”. The “Bling Mac” is “worth US$12,500”. Consumers have the opportunity to win the “Bling Mac” by using Twitter and using the hash tag #BlingMacContest” and of course tagging @McDonalds. No purchase is
necessary as indicated in the rules.
Seems simple enough the only catch is that customers
have to think outside of the box and be creative with
their Tweets. “Judging will
take place beginning on or about February 19, 2018,
through February 28, 2018. All Entries received will be
reviewed to determine if they comply with Entry
Parameters, and a panel of expert judges will judge
each compliant Entry based on the following criteria:
(i) creativity – 40%; (ii) love and affinity for the
Big Mac® sandwich – 30%; and (iii) humor
(how witty and comedic is the Entry) – 30%.
This contest is one example of how McDonald’s creates customer
engagement on Social Media.

Lessons for Others

Focusing on Customer Engagement on Social Media is beneficial to organisations. Having different types of Customer Engagement available on Social Media allows organisations to stay close with their customers in many ways. Social Media is an important tool that helps build Customer relationships and engagement. Providing available Customer Services leads to a better Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction whether through Contests, Surveys or Customer Service.

Organization: McDonalds
Industry: Restaurant
Name of Organization Contact: Not Able to Contact Someone At This Time

Authored by: Timea J

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