Becoming An Ocean

Gita    February 5, 2018

When a drop falls into the ocean, it immediately becomes part and parcel of the Whole. The drop gets accepted and connects with all the other drops and together they become one powerful body of water. When a person joins a corporation with 12,000 employees in 120 offices across 40 countries, the part with becoming One, could be a little more challenging.

opentext, a multi-billion $ software company, based in Waterloo, Ontario, knew that they had to come up with a way to keep employees connected, engaged and therefore contribute to the success of the Whole.

The challenge for opentext was, for all these people to communicate together and become like an ocean. The company achieved this by creating different kinds of internal software and social media platforms to foster innovation and collaboration. opentext has managed to connect the drops and operates now like one ocean.

Lessons for Others

While I was researching the company I work for since 2009, I realised that opentext has put in a lot of effort to increase employee engagement. Not only have they developed internal social media tools, but also create fun events for each office to strenghten the bonding of people. Since 2011 there is a communcication team for internal communciation that works very hard to pass on information about new products, social events and charitiy activities that happen in the offices around the world.

Organization: opentext
Industry: Computer Software
Name of Organization Contact: Gita Pattison, SS Specialist

Authored by: Gita Pattison

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Author Tom Jenkins and Mark J. Barrenechea, About opentext, First Edition, Waterloo, ON, Canada