Martell Home Builders building a social network platform that works

Laurad    December 3, 2017

Martell Home Builders is an Atlantic Canadian custom homebuilder. In the past, Martell relied heavily on realtors to keep their business moving forward. However, once they embraced social media, they were able to create a direct-to-consumer model where they were no longer reliant on a middleman to bring them business.


Martell started a content creation and blogging strategy to focus on their homebuyers’ needs. With topics such as “14 Must-Have Tools for New Homeowners” and “Home Staging Tips & Techniques,” Martell was able to grab the attention of homebuyers. Today, about 86% of all their leads come directly from consumers.

Martell homes promotes their social media and blogs heavily with giving customers up to date information they can use.

Facebook Page 8,513 Followers
Twitter 2,041 with over 10.8k tweets.
Youtube Channel with 142 subscribers


Promoting Socials

Martell is grabbing consumers attention and encouraging interaction with prime placement of thier social media and subscription to the newsletter.

Studies show that more people subscribe to blogs by email than RSS feed readers. Martell’s call to action—”Get the blog sent to your inbox. Enter your email”—is a smart move to capture leads while promising value in the form of new blog updates.


Geolocation Technology  

Martell also takes advantage of geolocation technology by mounting GPS tracking devices on their contractors’ vehicles, making it easy for their customers to always know where their contractor is when on the job. This eases the customer’s mind and allows Martell to extend even greater customer service.

Facebook Like Box 

Martell uses the Facebook like box widget to pull content right from thier facebook page each time someone visit their site.  This allows viewers to stay on the the website longer and increase fan base from Martell own website.

Lessons for Others

Martell homes heavily promotes its blog and social media pages and does it with upcoming projects and projects they are currently working on. Martell posts photos of home which allows customers to keep a close track of their own progress and have the chance to share it with their family and friends.


Martell proves that digital, data-sharing  can provide results with the use of multiple  platforms. systems iThe organization has realized benefits in:

  • Knowing what’s next- With Martell’s Client Login, this allows the Martell Experience to be one step ahead , this is where you can participate in your project.
  • increased  collaboration with customers , builders and contractors

Organization: Martell Home Builders
Industry: Contractor, Real Estate
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Authored by: Laura D

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