Best Practices in Social Media Marketing – You Decide!

nphilber    December 4, 2017

Social Media has become a widespread way of marketing for organizations. While many of us have used social media in a variety of ways, the question is what are some best practices in using social media? Now and in the future? I decided to pull together a few sources to see what others are saying about best practices in social media. Read on and decide for yourself.

In a How to Guide by Lithium, 10 Best Practices in Social Media Marketing, summarizes 10 key ways to use social media in effective ways. These ten suggestions include: respond promptly, engage your organization, share conversations, use data to decide when to post, talk with your customers, optimize your efforts, make technology your friend, measure your success, learn about your customers, and enjoy the process!

AddThis Academy offers 6 suggestions for social media best practices.

1) Keep posts short and simple

2) Include a link in your post

3) Include images in your post

4) Be personable and social in your post

5) Share the same post more than once

6) Pay attention to consistency and diversity.


Lastly, Jaclyn Crawford posted Best Practices for Social Media 2017 in CraftJack and listed 7 suggestions for best practices in social media. These seven suggestions include: be consistent, create conversations, use new live features, use images, connect with others, respond to feedback and use a call to action.

Given the above sources, we can see there are some commonalities in the various suggestions among those who are focusing on best practices.

Lessons for Others

Based on the sources I found, I would suggest following some (or all!) of the above suggestions. Mainly:

1) Be consistent

2) Be personable

3) Respond to customers and any feedback provided

4) Be open to new ways and keep learning

5) Be creative in your posts.

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Authored by: Natalie

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