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CP    November 20, 2017

Ray Beaudry is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Registered Nurse, and an avid social media user. By day, he works as a nurse and in his spare time, he teaches yoga.

Social media is more than just a regular part of Ray’s life. Social media plays an integral role in what he does. He relies on the social media platform Instagram to market himself for his work as a yoga instructor. Ray has built a local, national and international group of followers alike on social media.

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Using social media, Ray is able to promote his upcoming classes and help draw up an interest in what he’s offering the local yoga scene. But for those unable to attend his classes, he’s still able to provide relevant and valuable content, which has been key to the success of his yoga practice.

Ray sees a tremendous deal of post engagement, including post likes and comments. Currently on Instagram, he’s sitting at a growing number of 17.4K followers. (It grew since my interview with him!)

Content marketing

Ray has really focussed on the concept of content marketing. He pays special attention to creating and analyzing content to see what works and what doesn’t. He tailors the way his Instagram posts are crafted. He uses a strategic marketing approach to reach a niche (but popular) market on Instagram. Careful attention is paid to the type content developed, including the type multimedia component is used. While he has had success with pictures, he has found that using videos has allowed him to increase his engagement and the reach of his profile.

Specifically, he is using videos to create yoga pose tutorials. He is able to share his knowledge (and passion) through video posts on Instagram, offering followers tips, tricks and insights to yoga. What’s more, he also creates online challenges, workshops and classes. He reaches out to other yogis and yoga brands through the Instagram community to help provide valuable content to his followers.

By doing this, Ray is providing valuable, relevant and consistent content, that is geared toward his followers.

All of Ray’s content is raw and organic. He write, shoots and edits his posts by himself without the use of professionals. This is a very important aspect and technique that he believes in as it perpetuates authenticity, trust and creates a sense of realness and attainability. He strives to reach out to his followers to interact and engage with them.

Ray’s success has led him to become an influencer on social media. He’s become a part of an online community of yogis. Ray is frequently approached by several yoga and sporting good companies asking him to promote their products on his social media channel. He receives samples to try and in turn, if he believes in them, he then promotes them using his channel. Companies have seen great value in him as a way to market their own products. Because of the authentic, honest and trusting relationship Ray has with his followers, companies are taking advantage of this and using it to drive their own marketing efforts. This is something that is often seen on social media, for example through product tutorials on YouTube.

Check out my interview with @raymurse_yoga:

Lessons for Others

The world of marketing is ever-changing with social media. In looking at Ray and his marketing efforts on social media, here are takeaway items to consider:

  • Carefully consider your content on social media. Know your audience and give them what they want.
  • Be genuine, authentic and honest.
  • Engage with your audience. Interact and have conversations with your followers.

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